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  • Korea's largest conglomerate Samsung Group has seen its global brand value rise in dollar

  • terms,... but its ranking has fallen a notch from last year.

  • Samsung's arch rival Apple easily topped this year's list.

  • Kim Min-ji updates us on where the tech giant stands.

  • Over 83 billion U.S. dollars. That's the brand value of Samsung,... Korea's

  • top business group. According to UK-based industry tracker Brand

  • Finance,... that's up one-point-eight percent from a year ago,... and puts Samsung in third

  • place. Brand value is measured by taking into account

  • various factors, such as brand strength, brand loyalty and brand revenues.

  • The world's most valuable brand was Apple,... at 145-point-nine billion dollars,... up 14

  • percent on-year. Google ranked second,... rising a notch from

  • the previous year. Other Korean conglomerates on the list included

  • Hyundai in 36th,... and LG Group in 102nd.

  • And the wealthier these brands are,... the richer their owners tend to be.

  • But how many of the world's richest people are self-made billionaires and how many inherited

  • their vast wealth?

  • According to the U.S. Peterson Institute for International Economics,... in Korea,... most

  • of the country's biggest business groups have been passed down through the controlling families,...

  • with three out of four billionaires in Korea inheriting their wealth.

  • That puts Korea in fifth place,... among 67 countries.

  • Finland and Kuwait topped the list at 100 percent,... meaning all billionaires inherited

  • their wealth,... while in Russia,... all billionaires were self-made.

  • Taking a look at some major economies,... only two percent of billionaires in China

  • inherited their wealth. The corresponding figure stood at 18 percent

  • for Japan and 28 percent for the U.S. Worldwide, those who succeeded on their own

  • have been on the rise. In 1996, the proportion stood at 44 percent,...

  • but by 2014 it reached 69 percent,... surpassing the figure of billionaires who inherited their

  • wealth.

  • However, in Korea,... the number is still relatively low at 26 percent.

  • Experts attribute the trend to Korea's chaebol-centered economic structure,... and people's preference

  • for stable jobs. Kim Min-ji, Arirang News.

Korea's largest conglomerate Samsung Group has seen its global brand value rise in dollar


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三星集團品牌價值排名全球第三 (Samsung Group's brand value ranks 3rd in world)

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