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  • - You're fantastic, and then you won

  • for the best show, Best Drama.

  • That's really amazing, congratulations.

  • - Oh, yeah, thank you. - Yeah, congratulations.

  • [cheers and applause]

  • - It was thrilling.

  • Our show, it's so much fun to do.

  • Our cast is incredible. Our crew's incredible.

  • Everybody that writes, and-- you know.

  • Just celebrating with them yesterday,

  • being at the Golden Globes, it's unbelievable.

  • - That was your first time, right?

  • - Yeah, yeah.

  • - Who--you took your mom? - I took Mom, yeah.

  • - Yeah, she must've been proud. [cheers and applause]

  • - She was-- [cheers and applause]

  • She was really proud, and she's--

  • Yeah, there we go. She's my backbone, and, uh--

  • But all she wanted to do was meet John Hamm.

  • [audience laughter]

  • I was like, "Okay, Mom, you can meet John Hamm.

  • Hold on, I got to do some interviews."

  • And she's like, "I need to meet John Hamm right now."

  • I'm like, "You understand that's my competition tonight, right?

  • We're both up for Best Actor."

  • And she's like, "Doesn't matter."

  • And then we were sitting down, and his name got called,

  • and he won, and she's like, "He deserved it."

  • [audience laughter] It was like, "Okay."

  • No, no, she loves me to death,

  • but I think she was protecting me to a certain extent,

  • but yeah, he's such a cool guy.

  • He was so much fun, and he is so deserving.

  • - Yeah, well, and so are you.

  • I think you're fantastic in this show,

  • so you'll have another chance at it, I'm sure.

  • And you have an identical twin brother, right?

  • - I do, yeah. - Is he in the business as well?

  • - He's not. Everybody thinks--

  • He ended up coming to a few parties with me last night,

  • so everybody's coming up to him, congratulating him.

  • [audience laughter]

  • He's just like, "Yeah, thanks a lot, I appreciate it."

  • Yeah. - And Christian Slater won,

  • who is--he's great in the episode.

  • He's so good. - He's so good.

  • - Congratulations to him. [cheers and applause]

  • - And a class act, he is. - Yeah.

  • - Yeah, he's really a great guy.

  • It's just such a great show.

  • So you've started season two?

  • - We've written a majority of the episodes,

  • so when we get--you know, when we get in there,

  • we can just shoot, and, uh--

  • Yeah, it's just as good as the first season, if not stronger.

  • I think you're gonna love it. - I am gonna love it.

  • I can't wait. I can't wait.

  • It's so nice meeting you. You're fantastic.

  • - It's such high praise to sit down with you.

  • I got to say, I've been a fan for so long,

  • And I went back and watched your earlier stuff,

  • and Carson, and then him pulling you over

  • for the first time to do that to a woman was--

  • That's such a beautiful moment, so congrats to you as well.

  • - Thank you so much.

- You're fantastic, and then you won


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