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What is the best way to get rid of unibrow hair?
You could get rid of it in short order with an electric razor.
I don't have a boyfriend to borrow it from.
You could try using the same disposable razors you use on your legs.
I can't stand the thought of using one of those on your face. Yet this unibrow is torture.
If looking at it in the mirror is torture, try eyebrow threading.
I don't know how to do that.
Go to one of those threading places and let someone use the thread to pluck them.
Or I could just go for the less expensive tweezing.
That would work, too. Eyebrow threading at least has the benefit of letting you lie still
and relax while someone else does the plucking.
What else could I do?
You could use the same hair removal cream you use on your legs.
The danger is getting it in your eyes.
Or accidentally removing part of your eyebrows in the process.
That's what eyebrow pencils are for.
That is not what they are for, but it is something you can use it for. Maybe you need to try
lasers instead.
I'm not going to risk destroying my retina in the hope of burning off my eyebrows.
There are laser hair removal places that will do a guy's back and a woman's legs. They'll
take off your unibrow if you want.
Do you have any other suggestions?
Adopt a devout Muslim dress code. Wear the burka so no one sees your eyes.
They won't see anything else, either.
Then you can go try a hot wax treatment and rip it out, just like so many women do for
their legs.
I don't need hot wax in my eyes.
You put it on a strip and put the strip on your face. There's no risk except an embarrassing
photo of the expressions you'll make ripping it off.


一字眉怎麼辦? (Best Way to Get Rid of Unibrow Hair)

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