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the meet this typical American family
their young beautiful and pregnant congratulations
a new baby brings exciting new possibilities and hosted decisions
one of the most important decisions is whether to make a baby's umbilical cord
blood and tissue
all we've heard about cord blood banking but we don't really know why we need to
cry oh preserve our baby's cord blood:
did you store your childrens court like of course I did
for all my children if you have the chance to safeguard your baby stem cells
you definitely should let me explain umbilical cord blood and tissue contain
stem cells
the building blocks of all other tissues in armani cord blood stem cells
are used to treat nearly eighty diseases including cerebral palsy
leukemia autoimmune diseases and genetic disorders
Wow indeed and actually as we grow older
many of these conditions become more common so the need for the stem cells
may increase over time
in fact over 30,000 cord blood stem cell transplants have been performed
new therapies are emerging practically everyday
safeguarding your newborn stem cells is the healthiest investment you can make
for your baby
and your family our family yes cord blood can be used to treat your baby
siblings or other close family members depending on the disease
the chance have a transplant matching is much greater from a relative then from
an unrelated donor
and transplant patients recover better when the stem cells donor is related
you should also take advantage of the opportunity to store the stem cells that
are found in the umbilical cord tissue
the stem cells are a different type and hold great promise
they're being studied for future therapies for diseases that are more
common as we grow older such as heart attacks
stroke Parkinson's diabetes and other diseases
that's amazing but are there any risks in the process
collecting cord blood and tissue after your baby is delivered only takes a few
and poses absolutely known risks to the mother or baby
but you only get one opportunity to acquire preserve these valuable cells
how much does it cost collecting and storing cord blood in a private stem
cell bank costs about two thousand dollars plus a small annual storage fee
the bank safeguards inquire janik freezers for your family's exclusive use
financing plans make it very affordable is there another option
if you choose not to store your baby stem cells for your own family
you may be able to donate them to a public backing for use by others that
have medical emergencies
every year there are thousands of patients searching for a matching donor
in a public bank
and your baby stem cells could be the match to save a life
however once you donate them to a Public Bank they may not be available for your
child or family in the future
investments you would have to hope in another match could be found in time as
if 2013
the cost of purchasing math stem cells from a public bank is approximately
thirty five thousand dollars
and is included as part of the hospital feet but how do we know which private
bank to use
give careful consideration before you select a cord blood bank
check accreditations success records with therapeutic use
and guarantee
home %uh


臍帶血適合我的家庭? (Is Cord Blood Banking Right For My Family?)

4659 分類 收藏
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