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  • The wait is practically over -- Samsung's latest Galaxy range smartphones hit the shelves

  • in Korea this morning. Samsung says it focused on adding as many

  • features as possible,... and is confident the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will break the company's

  • past sales records. Kim Min-ji reports.

  • Will Samsung's latest smartphones be able to turn tables in the much saturated smartphone

  • market? After being unveiled to the public last month,...

  • the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge were launched in some 50 countries worldwide,... including

  • its home turf. You can pick up a 32 gigabyte Galaxy S7 for

  • 690 U.S. dollars in Korea,... and the Galaxy S7 Edge for 770 dollars -- both slightly cheaper

  • than their predecessors. Samsung says they focused on addressing consumers'

  • wants and needs.

  • "Our aim in making the S7 and S7 Edge was to make them much more valuable and comprehensive

  • than other conventional smartphones. We tried to incorporate in the latest models the innovations

  • that consumers wanted in a phone."

  • So what can we look out for in the latest models?

  • "The metal and glass encased smartphones come with batteries that last a lot longerwater

  • and dust resistancenot to mention some of the popular features from the previous

  • S6 model."

  • Samsung has also adopted what it calls a "dual pixel sensor" for the cameras... for the first

  • time in smartphone history -- which will enhance photo quality to levels of high-end cameras,...

  • and has brought back the micro SD card slot for enhanced memory capacity.

  • With that,... the tech giant says its confident that sales of the Galaxy S7 will surpass that

  • of the previous S6,... which sold about 38 million units last year.

  • But with Samsung's local rival LG Electronics soon to launch its new G5 -- the industry's

  • first "modular type" smartphone, which can connect with various accessories to improve

  • sound and enhance camera functions -- the world's biggest smartphone maker is in for

  • a tough challenge.

  • "The design is not very different from its previous model and rather than focus on innovation,...

  • it's more like... being faithful to the basics. Rather, it's the new LG smartphone that's

  • under the spotlight. The modular smartphone is likely to create a market sensation."

  • While analysts say the release of the latest models may bring a slight uptick in profits

  • in Samsung's mobile division, they don't have major game-changing aspects that will win

  • over consumers. Kim Min-ji, Arirang News.

The wait is practically over -- Samsung's latest Galaxy range smartphones hit the shelves


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三星電子推出新款智能手機 (Samsung Electronics launches new smartphones)

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