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How to Play Office Politics? Just staying out of it could stunt your career.
Here's how to jump in and get ahead – without getting burned.
You will need observation skills, goals, allies social skills, and tact.
Step 1. Observe how your workplace functions.
Pay attention to the company's core values and how they most effectively get put into action.
Also, find out who is influential and take note of what they respond to.
Step 2. Set objectives with your boss that contribute to the company's goals and develop your value as an employee.
Inform your boss when you meet certain benchmarks to create a track record of goal-oriented success.
Step 3. Get the support of coworkers by reciprocating favors and offering your expertise on projects.
Only accept a manageable workload. In the long run, coworkers will
respect you more if they know you have the power to say "no." Step 4. Build a network
that incorporates several different groups and departments. Aligning yourself too strongly
with one could leave you out in the cold if they fall out of favor. Step 5. Sidestep gossip.
The target of gossip one day could be a decision-maker the next. If you find yourself in the middle
of a nasty exchange, excuse yourself, or focus the conversation on the people talking,
not the person being talked about. Step 6. Brag. Just make sure to do it tactfully, and always
give your coworkers credit for shared accomplishments. Telling people about your accomplishments
increases the chances your boss will learn of your successes from someone other than you,
which works in your favor when they're deciding who gets a promotion, and who gets the ax.
Did you know In a recent survey, more than half of employees said the competitive
level of office politics had increased over the previous five years.


辦公室政治 (How to Play Office Politics)

11436 分類 收藏
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