A2 初級 澳洲腔 276 分類 收藏
Welcome back, in the last session we were looking at just introducing the feeling of
rolling our edges on through the last part of the turn.
Today we're going to take that on a step and make it happen earlier, linking those turns
together much better, picking up the speed, and really changing up the shape of the turn
that we're doing. Let's get started.
Up until now we've been fairly patient through the start of the turn. Today we're going to
start replace that patience with much more commitment at the start of the turn.
The way I want you to think of that, is almost imagine there's a door below you and as you
start that turn you're not only going to be patient and let the skis come round, you're
going to try and let your body go towards that next turn, much more commitment.
So I'm going into that next turn with commitment, I feel the edges build up through the last
part of the turn, and then go into it with commitment.
A great way to feel this happening is by focusing on the downhill leg, so the ski with the weight on it.
Rather than trying to straighten it and push away from that next turn to come
round the next corner, we're going to soften it. What I mean by softening is bending it
slightly and feeling the weight coming off of it and allowing your body to then fall
in towards that next turn.
If I push off in a straight kind of aggressive way, my body's actually going away from that
next turn. We want them to go together.
I can feel my leg softening as I lift the weight off the downhill ski and my body moves
towards the next turn.
My turns are starting to feel a lot more dynamic, as soon as I finish one turn, I'm starting
the next. My body's moving towards the next turn with much more commitment.
You should be feeling the ski working much more for you now. A nice smooth edge at the
end of the turn and then a confident start to the next one. Let's try some shorter turns.


進階滑雪5.1 (Advanced Ski Lesson #5.1 - Commitment and Softening)

276 分類 收藏
alex 發佈於 2016 年 3 月 9 日
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