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  • Hey, everyone, I am Vincent and today we're going to be talking about the age-old job interview question: tell me about yourself.

    嗨!大家好!我是 Vincent,今天要來談談一個經典的面試問題:自我介紹。

  • Now, this question is asked at the start of most job interviews at every company, and there's many different ways to be able to word this question, but for the most part, they're all asking about the same thing.


  • Now, the worst thing that you can do is ask the interviewer, "well, what do want to know about me?" This show that you haven't properly prepared for the interview.


  • Now, the interviewer doesn't wanna know about your hobbies, your family, or even your favorite TV show.


  • The biggest mistake that many job candidates make is thinking that interviewer wants to know about them personally, as a person.


  • So what major points do you wanna get across? Well, the interviewer is interested in understanding if you can do the job.


  • Whether or not you would fit into the team and the culture of the organization and what you have accomplished in the past and how you can help their organization, but they're not asking you to give your entire biography or read through your resume line by line.

    你是否在團體或組織中能合作無間、你過去有什麼樣的經驗、你在團體或組織合作中有何種幫助, 但是面試官不是要你們回答你們所有的經驗或是照著履歷表背誦。

  • Keep your statements brief and your answer to this question should be around two to three minutes.

    簡短扼要的陳述,並將時間控制在 2~3 分鐘內。

  • You also want to make sure that you show that you know a lot about the company, about the job description, and about the role that you're applying for.


  • Make sure to do a quick Google search to understand what the company does and maybe even look for some recent headlines.

    記得用 Google 搜尋功能來了解公司的主要產品,甚至是公司的最新資訊。

  • Now, there's three different sections that you want to make sure that you cover, so, let's break it down.


  • Section number one is education and experience; you wanna also number two: highlight your most important accomplishments, and number three: show that you have drive, energy, and motivation, especially through your tone and how you say things.

    第一點,教育和工作經驗;第二點,記得要強調你的成就,第三點,展現出你對這職缺的熱忱、活力、與動機, 特別要注意到說話的音調和邏輯。

  • Sometimes how you say it is even more important than what you say.


  • But at the end of the day, there's one thing that you want to get across: I can add value and be a great fit for your organization.


  • I recently completed my MBA from South University, where I led 150 other peers as the Class President implemented the campus's first recycling program.

    我最近畢業於 South University 的工商管理碩士,我曾經為學生主席,領導了 150 位同儕執行第一次的校園回收計畫。

  • Last summer, I interned at SanCity Corporation, where I developed the holiday sales and marketing strategy that led to the largest growth in sales the company had ever experienced.

    而在去年的夏天,我在 SanCity Corporation 當任實習生,因為我提出節日促銷和行銷策略,公司的營業額因而大幅提升。

  • While I really enjoyed that experience, I'm very interested in this opportunity with Solar Media because of my passion for green energy and delivering sustainable growth in sales.

    雖然我非常喜歡這個工作,但我對 Solar Media 公司更有興趣,因為我熱衷綠能和這方面的市場優勢。

  • Let's review what this interviewee did well. Number one: he included his academic background with an MBA from South University, and he presented that he was a student leader there.

    我們來看看這位面試者哪幾點做得很好。第一點,他提到了他的學術背景,有著 South University 的工商管理碩士文憑,然後,他當過學生會長。

  • He also showed that he had relevant experience starting a recycling program in a passion in green energy while driving growth in sales at a previous job.


  • He also showed that he's very interested in this opportunity and passionate about the industry that he wants to be able to join, therefore, he can add value and be a great fit for this organization.


  • Now, you want to make sure that you practice, practice, practice.


  • This is your first impression to the interviewer, so you don't want to lose their attention. In order to really knock it out of the park, you want to plan and rehearse.


  • It's almost guaranteed that you're going to get a question similar to this one so you want to make sure that you're selling what the interviewer is buying.


  • Think about what they'll be interested in by really understanding the job description and the traits that they're looking for in the job description, and make sure you focus on those strengths.


  • Again, your answer should be no more than three minutes, nothing worse than somebody who ramble, so think of it as a movie preview, you just wanna hook the interviewer in just enough that they're gonna pay for that ticket to watch the entire movie.


  • You also wanna make sure that you find a way to stand out from the rest of the crowd.


  • Thanks for joining us today and good luck with your job search.


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Hey, everyone, I am Vincent and today we're going to be talking about the age-old job interview question: tell me about yourself.

嗨!大家好!我是 Vincent,今天要來談談一個經典的面試問題:自我介紹。

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