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  • Good morning, John.

  • Your new book, The Fault in Our Stars, has - aside from being totally gripping and touching

  • and hilarious and genius, which no one knows yet, because I've read it, but they haven't

  • - has become something of a sensation. Like, I don't know if you know this, but I don't

  • think that anyone has ever done what you just did. And of course, when I say you, I mean

  • us.

  • Uh, including me, because I helped. Uh, I made half of our 875 videos. And more than

  • me, the people who, uh, watch the videos have helped. THANK YOU! But yeah, number one on

  • the Amazon and Barnes&Nobles bestseller charts, four days running with, like, no publicity

  • at all!

  • And, uh, this story was just written up in the freakin' Wall Street Journal, and John,

  • the people who read the Wall Street Journal are like very important. These are people

  • who can seriously impact, like, your future career. And those people are probably coming

  • right now from the Wall Street Journal article to check out the vlogbrothers and see what

  • this is all about. And so, as your brother, I'm going to make sure we put our best foot

  • forward for those people, so that you have maximum opportunity to get uh... no, I'm not.

  • [Instrumental version of Shake-A-Booty plays]

  • Are the Wall Street Journal viewers gone yet?

  • And that was a very punishing punishment. Also, because Geoff Pepos, the guy who came

  • around with me to film all of this, 'cause I was pretty sure Katherine wouldn't want

  • to do it. I told him it was a punishment, and he was like "Well, Hank, now that you

  • have told me it is a punishment, I'm going to make sure that it is punishing." Like the

  • one in front of the restaurant with me humping the drunk people sign? That was a very long

  • shot.

  • The song that you heard during that is a karoke track from a song from Ellen Hardcastle called

  • "Shake-A-Booty". And that was produced by the magnificent Luke Conard, who you probably,

  • you probably knew that, just by listening to it. But it's my first dance song! And I'm

  • really excited to let you have the full version... eventually.

  • Speaking of which, pre-orders for Ellen Hardcastle begin never! John's book has a very long pre-order

  • time, and my album has no pre-order. We've decided! So, that's different for me.

  • John, I really do want to congragulate you on the, the pre-success of The Fault in Our

  • Stars. It deserves it. It's gonna be a pretty big deal, I think. And thank you so much to

  • the nerdfighters for, uh, making this a huge, huge freaking deal! And being a part of something

  • that I think is pretty historical in the, uh, in the timeline of the publishing industry.

  • Uh, this is going to be amazing. All the success, even the Wall Street Journal article, is very

  • well-deserved. John, I'll see you on Monday.

  • Nerdfighter: Hey, what's up? Hank: Nice to meet you. Is it okay if I hump

  • your car? Nerdfighter: Yeah, go for it.

  • Hank: Awesome, thank you.

  • Random guy: Kiss that fish! Yeah!

Good morning, John.


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