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♪ (punk rock music) ♪
(birds chirp)
He was driving with a box stuck under his arm.
Like, who knows how long he was driving?
I saw him pull out of the parking lot and turn right,
and the box was still stuck under his arm.
This is just, like, the daily lives of people?
Know what's my biggest pet peeve?
When I'm with someone and they text in the middle of a conversation.
That's me everyday with my friends. They hate it. My gosh.
- Is he taking a selfie while proposing?
- Wait, did he just propose with a cellpho--
oh no, he's videoing it!
- I don't understand why kids have phones!
When I was six, I played with Legos.
- It pisses me off when I see a four year old with an iPhone.
- Oh, selfies.
- Selfie!
(in video: laughter)
- Even though it's happening right in front of him,
he's watching it through a screen.
(bowling ball rumbles) (pins fall)
- That is, like... my life.
- ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪
♪ Happy birthday... ♪
- It's actually really sad.
- ♪ ...dear Henry ♪ - (splutters and snickers)
Duck face and deuces.
- Everyone's taking selfies. That's so mean.
- Live in the moment. Don't record it.
- That's so true, like, there's a girl right next to you
and you're still on your phone. Like, priorities, man.
- What a [bleep] boyfriend.
- That was deep.
- That's, like, 100% true.
- That's my current generation.
That's my current generation.
- Hold on, I gotta take a selfie.
Twitter Teens React Swag!
♪ (punk rock music) ♪
- What was the message of this video?
- Everyone's addicted to cellphones.
- Being on your cellphone is a huge distraction in everyday life.
- We spend so much time online and on our devices
that we really miss, you know, real life.
- Do you agree with the message? - Yes. (laughs)
- Yeah, completely.
- Yeah, because I do that a lot.
I just block out my friends.
I'll be texting and they'll be like, "Kaelyn..."
I'm like, "What?"
- You shouldn't focus solely on your phone,
but if you want to quickly check Facebook or something, that's normal.
- I'm one of those people who get so pissed off
when I'm hanging out with someone and I'm talking
and all that they're doing is just-- they're on their cellphone,
and it's just like--
Put your cellphone away! What? Give it here. Give it to me.
- I bet you're on your phone right now.
As you're watching this, you have your computer,
you have your television on in the background,
and you're on your phone.
How many people do you think that's hitting right now,
'cause I feel like it's a lot.
- Are you guilty of doing any of these things?
- Yeah, I take a lot of selfies.
I don't feel guilty about it, but I'm guilty.
- I've ran into poles so many times 'cause I'm texting
when I'm walking to class.
- It's gotten so bad to the point where
I can't focus on my homework because I'm on my phone.
- I'll be on Twitter, scrolling down my timeline.
My mom'll be like, "Go to bed."
I'm like, "Let me just follow Justin Beiber really quick."
- Not usually, no, 'cause I'm usually the guy cracking jokes
and then everybody else is on their phone, ignoring my jokes.
- Are you the type of person that,
when you're out in the world going to a concert
or to an event, you're recording it through the phone
versus just watching it? - Yeah, 'cause as I'm there
I'm just like, "You know, I need to record this
'cause what if I want to look back on this?"
- It's like memories.
So I have my phone out. I record the thing, right,
and then later on I can watch it in a year or so and be like,
"Oh yeah, I remember that."
- You're not gonna watch it again.
You're gonna record it and be like, "Yeah, I got it."
You're not going to watch it ever again.
- Don't hate on me, but I did go to a Justin Bieber concert
'cause I had to take my sister and the whole time he's coming out,
all the girls are just taking photos.
The day that they finally get to see him,
they don't even experience it.
They're recording it on their phone.
- When I was at the Believe Tour, I was just recording the whole time.
I was like, "Oh gosh."
And then I realized, when I got home, I was like, "I missed the whole concert."
- I paid money for a concert, right?
I actually want to go watch the concert.
I don't want to go there and watch it like I'm watching it on YouTube.
- How old were you when you got your first cellphone?
- Oh, this is gonna be bad. It was in first grade.
- I had to have been ten.
- I was 11.
- 9, 10?
It was like a Nokia brick.
I remember this, and I used to play the caterpillar game on it.
- And what kind of phone do you have now?
- I have a Galaxy S3.
- Motorola RAZR.
- I have an iPhone.
- iPhone.
- iPhone.
- iPhone 4.
- iPhone 4S.
- iPhone fi-- oh, I don't have it. (laughs)
Aw, now I feel naked without my phone.
- Well, some people think teenagers
should not have cellphones.
Why, as a teenager, is it important to have a cellphone?
- Well, for me, it's just those panic, like 9:00 at night texts.
Like, "Oh my god, there's homework. What was it?"
- Teens do go overboard a lot of the time,
but they need cellphones 'cause their parents need to know
where they are and be able to check in on them.
- It's sad, but you're not cool if you don't have a phone
because you can't socialize with people.
Like, you're not cool if you don't have a Twitter.
- Well, I don't want to be a loser.
Like, if you don't have a Twitter or Instagram
and you don't have over 2,000 followers,
it's like you're a loser at the school.
- So you definitely need a cellphone if you want to, you know, fit in.
- I can live without a cellphone.
Everybody else is like, "I need my phone!"
Like, they get taken away in class-- they're crying.
Get over yourself.
- Just for the social aspect.
I mean, it's not like it's a bad thing.
You know, sometimes people try to make that seem like,
"Oh, it's wrong. You should only be married to your books
and just study 24-7."
No, but you're supposed to actually enjoy your life.
- If your parents refused to let you have a cellphone,
what would you do? - I'd be lost at school.
Like, I'd have no friends 'cause I'd be sitting alone.
I wouldn't know how to talk to people.
- I would never talk to them again and I'd bury them.
- I would just come up with a bunch of BS excuses just to get it.
- "I can't pass any of my classes without googling the answers, mom!
I need my phone!"
- What if, in case-- like in an emergency--
but, really, I just want it for music and Twitter.
- I think I'd be okay.
People went on their entire lives in the past without a cellphone,
so it's not necessary.
- How much time would you say
you spend on your phone everyday? - I think an easier question would be,
"When don't I have my phone?"
- Four or five hours.
- Six hours?
- A solid four to six hours.
- 23? (giggles)
- How much of that time is spent on actual phone calls?
- Uh, zero.
- (snorts) None.
- Zero. I don't think people really call each other anymore.
- I call people and people get weirded out that I called them.
- I should bring back the phone call. But I mean, like--
- (Finebros cracks up) Bring back the phone call?!
Is the phone call really that gone? - Yeah!
- Do you think though, to some degree,
phones are hurting how people interact with one another in person?
- Oh, most definitely!
- Oh yeah. But that-- I mean, you can't just look at the bad stuff
'cause it's also helping because you could talk to
a lot more people now.
- It's hurting physical communication and you don't really get to know people
as a person as well, but it's also increasing
the spread of socializing because people that are shy
and don't want to socialize in person can just talk to someone
through this screen where they don't actually have to
suffer the traumas and fears that they would have
with social anxiety as much.
- If you talk to someone online a lot, you can be super close
and make jokes, but when you meet the person
it's so awkward sometimes.
- Because of cellphones, people became less and less confrontational
because now it's like, "Oh, you can just send a text.
I don't need to talk to them in person.
They'll get the same message."
- "Oh, I'm socalizing. But I'm on Facebook.
Oh, I'm socializing. But we're texting,
even though we're right next to each other."
It pretty much ruined social interaction.
- What do you think about the reality that,
before your generation, there were no cellphones
in the way that they're used today?
- It's so hard for me to even grasp that idea.
- That's so mind-blowing to me
because I've grown up my whole life with a cellphone.
- I'm like, "What'd they do with their lives?"
- Before, they were probably more adventurous
and they were probably like, "Oh, we're bored.
Let's go hiking or something."
Now it's like, "Oh, let's play Angry Birds."
- I could live in that time.
I know people that couldn't live in that.
They'd be like, "Where? How-How am I supposed
to talk to these people? I-I can't text them.
I can't--" um, it's called "a landline."
- It's crazy that the technology is advancing.
- It's gonna be like WALL-E.
We're gonna be in those floating chairs. (laughs)
And we're never gonna see anybody except on video chat.
- So now, after watching this video
and having all this discussion, do you think it's going to make
you think a little bit more about when you bring your phone out
when in public? - It really will 'cause I don't want
to make anybody feel completely ignored.
And I know, when that happens to me, I don't like it.
- I want to show this to a few of my friends.
- I'll be more careful when I'm with my friends
'cause I know not everyone has their phones.
- I've tried to wean myself off it lately, but probably not.
- This really inspired me though to actually like,
"You know what? Maybe I'm gonna leave my phone at home today."
- Now, if I try to take my phone out,
I'm gonna look at the situation and see, "Do I really need it right now?"
Because I'm gonna try to stay in the moment
and interact with my peers, and maybe family,
and not worry about what's happening online.
- But let's be honest-- right when you walk out of this room,
what are you gonna do? - I'm gonna... go on my phone.
- Mm, check my messages. (chuckles)
- Use my phone. (snickers) Yeah.
- (playfully) Not check my phone, if that's what you're hinting at!
I'm gonna... check my phone? (chuckles)
- Hold on.
Hold on.
- If you like this episode, give it a thumbs up
'cause... yeah.
- We'll be back, like, sometime soon I guess,
so please subscribe or whatever you want.
- Byeee! (shutter clicks)
- Bye.
♪ (punk rock music) ♪



1970 分類 收藏
Pedroli Li 發佈於 2016 年 3 月 6 日    皓芸 翻譯    Kristi Yang 審核
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