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  • My whole life, I've never really felt like I quite fit in

  • Maybe I didn't look like people expected or I didn't always walk the same road that everyone

  • else wanted me to

  • Everyone has a different perception of who we are,

  • but somehow through that discord

  • I found comfort in finding my own identity

  • Maybe I'm not tall enough but my lips can tell stories

  • Maybe my eyes are small but they take in every detail

  • I'm not perfect but I believe in the beauty of being comfortable with our singularity,

  • being forced away from the comfort of the crowd but at the same time

  • learning to celebrate carving a new path, the way a flower breaks through the soil

  • for the first time

  • There's something really beautiful about embracing that vulnerability

  • because it creates a sensitivity to the things around us that others may not notice

  • Even a tiny seed can grow into a giant tree and maybe a spark of inspiration is the

  • same way

  • We're so small but our ideas are not

  • Ideas are what set us apart from the crowd until others can't help but notice

  • That's what gives us the potential to reach higher

  • We can take those ideas and turn them into anything with passion, wisdom, tenacity and

  • fearlessness

  • Every good idea comes with a certain amount of risk but you should never, ever let that

  • hold you back

  • because you always know what you could lose but there's no limit to what you could gain

  • Sure there's hardship that might come along the way

  • but there's no amount of fear that is worth more than the potential of what you could

  • reach if you just try

  • My dad once told me that tall trees grow strong through storms and persevere until they

  • aren't moved by the wind

  • Grow strong

  • Waves may crash on the surface of the ocean but deep

  • waters aren't moved by the current

  • Grow deep

  • Make your own limits and break them.

  • Hit the ground running, take that leap of faith,

  • and fly

  • My story started with me, a child of immigrant parents who landed in a place where the odds

  • were stacked against me

  • A place where language barriers and culture clashes made my ideas feel isolated and different

  • But it made me realize that everything I have learned on my own journey is what has helped me

  • set the bar to achieve my dream

My whole life, I've never really felt like I quite fit in


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B1 中級 美國腔

我生命中的一天(夢想)|短片 (A Day(dream) In My Life | Short Film)

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