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One of the odder phenomena of relationships
is the immediate certainty that whenever things go wrong in our lives. It is first and foremost and quite obviously, our partner's fault.
We get furious with our partners.
because we assign them such a deep role in our lives.
We have faith that a person who understands obscure parts of us, whose presence solves so many of our problems
couldn't realistically also be someone who wouldn't be able to fix our whole lives
We exaggerate our partners' powers
an exaggeration that's an echo heard in adult life down the decades of a child's or their parents'
the partner inherits a little of that beautiful romantic dangerous unfair trust
that we as children once had in our parents
at one level, the lover has learnt how to reassure the anxious child in us
that's why we love them
but that source of strength also brings with it some very serious problems
for the primitive part of us insists on trusting them a little too much believing that they actually control far more of existence than they possibly could
It's also to do with a permission that the partner's love gives us to moan in a way we cannot otherwise
The world is constantly mean to us
It rejects our creative endeavors. It overlooks us in promotions, it rewards idiots.
But usually we can't complain. We can't get angry with the people who are really to blame for hurting us
So we get angry with those whom we can be sure will tolerate us for blaming them
We get angry with the very nicest, most sympathetic, most loyal people in our vicinity
The ones least likely to have harmed us but most likely to stick around.
While we blame them furiously for having done so
the mean words and mad accusations we mutter to our lovers
undoubtedly often sound horrible
but let's at least remember that they are a curious proof of intimacy, a symptom of love itself
And in their own way, oddly romantic, a detail indirectly acknowledged by their frequently sexual conclusions
We can tell any stranger something reasonable and polite
but only in the presence of someone we really trust can we dare to be properly irrational and truly unkind
If we think of love as being in perfect agreement all the time,
we will feel that getting into fights must mean that a relationship is winding down or starting to fall apart
But crazy blame games are at heart just a symptom of an intensity of investment in another person
We aren't simply nice with our partners because we're so close to them
They draw us into very private zones of turbulence and distress
from which absolutely everyone else is excluded
that's one of the stranger, more unfortunate and yet from a calm angle almost flattering gifts of love



為什麼我們總愛責怪自己身邊的人?Why We Love to Blame Our Partners

108797 分類 收藏
Mikae Wu 發佈於 2017 年 6 月 1 日    Mikae Wu 翻譯    Silvia W. 審核
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