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Professor Alembick, who is a heavy smoker doesn't smoke in the TV episode.
While Tintin is reading the book about Syldavia,
somebody suddenly throws a stone wrapped with a threatening note, through the window.
But in the comic, there are a series of events that happened before that.
Tintin gets a phone call from a foreigner that wants to meet him.
The man gets knocked out right after he rings the doorbell.
Tintin then tries to open the stuck window to see if there is somebody running away
and breaks it.
Short after that, Thomson and Thompson also come by and try to clarify the situation,
but the foreigner suffers from amnesia.
Later that night, Tintin has the window fixed,
only for someone to break it again.
On the show, Tintin realizes that the Professor is suddenly smoking.
Also, In the comic, Thomson & Thompson came to say good bye and tell Tintin that they bought new hats,
which get blown away and driven over during departure.
Tintin now realizes that the professor doesn't smoke anymore.
So, in the comic the good professor is a chain smoker while the fake professor doesn't smoke.
And in the TV Episode it is reversed.
In the comic, Tintin goes straight to the police after he fell out of the airplane.
On the show he finds the fake professor's suitcase, which contains a notebook with info about the conspiracy
and that the two professors are twins.
At the police station he also calls Thomson and Thompson and tells them to look for the real professor Alembick.
On the show, Tintin get's out of Castafiore's car and arrives right at the museum in Klow.
But in the comic he is actually going through a lot more trouble before he arrives there.
As soon as Tintin reaches the next town, he gets imprisoned by the police.
At the next day he receives an anonymous letter with a plan to escape death.
It eventually turned out to be a trap, so they could easily shoot him while he tried to escape.
Luckily he did manage it.
In the comic, an ambulances arrives after the prison vehicle accident.
Tintin pretends to be unconscious in order to escape.
The fake Professor Alembick is accompanied by the official court photographer,
because he is not allowed to take photos.
In the TV episode he does that alone.
The King is informed that accomplices helped the fake Professor and the court photographer
to escape from the State prison.
On the show, Tintin sees an old cannon at the castle and finds out that there is a spring in the camera.
In the comic, he realizes that by seeing a toy cannon through a shop window.
There are three gangsters looking for the sceptre
and they get scared away by Thomson and Thompson and two guards.
On the show, one of the gangsters is waiting in the car
and Thomson and Thompson arrive together with the King.
In the comic, Tintin and the gangster are both spending the night in the mountains.
In the next morning, Tintin accidentally wakes the gangster with a falling stone,
and the chase continues.
On the show, Tintin steals the Bordurian fighter right after he got the sceptre.
In the comic, Tintin finds letters with information that Bordurian fascists want to take over Syldavia.
Tintin then is too hungry to head back and goes to the next house he sees,
which is a Bordurian frontier post.
Meanwhile, the gangster also regained consciousness and Tintin runs away.
He finally steals the fighter after spending another night in the mountains.
In the book, Tintin thinks about borrowing a horse,
but finds out that walking might be a better idea.
After returning the sceptre, Tintin also hands over the documents he found.
He also slept in the Palace.
Three days later, Tintin is informed that they arrested the enemies and found the fake Professor's notebook.
The one that Tintin found earlier on the show.
There is also a page about the foreigner who collapsed at Tintin's apartment.
It turns out that he is a Syldavian secret agent who came to help.
While the TV episode has already ended,
Tintin, Thomson and Thompson take a sea plane back home in the comic.


漫畫 VS 影集:奧圖卡王的權杖 - 探索丁丁歷險記 (Comic vs. Show: King Ottokar's Sceptre - In the Shadow of Tintin)

1758 分類 收藏
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