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  • Professor Alembick, who is a heavy smoker doesn't smoke in the TV episode.


  • While Tintin is reading the book about Syldavia,

    漫畫 VS 影集:奧圖卡王的權杖

  • somebody suddenly throws a stone wrapped with a threatening note, through the window.


  • But in the comic, there are a series of events that happened before that.


  • Tintin gets a phone call from a foreigner that wants to meet him.


  • The man gets knocked out right after he rings the doorbell.


  • Tintin then tries to open the stuck window to see if there is somebody running away

    但在漫畫裡 一連串的事情都發生在這之前

  • and breaks it.

    丁丁接到一通外國人的來電 且那位外國人想與他見面

  • Short after that, Thomson and Thompson also come by and try to clarify the situation,


  • but the foreigner suffers from amnesia.


  • Later that night, Tintin has the window fixed,


  • only for someone to break it again.

    一會後 杜邦和杜龐來了 也試圖釐清這情況

  • On the show, Tintin realizes that the Professor is suddenly smoking.


  • Also, In the comic, Thomson & Thompson came to say good bye and tell Tintin that they bought new hats,


  • which get blown away and driven over during departure.


  • Tintin now realizes that the professor doesn't smoke anymore.

    影集中 丁丁發現哈朗畢克教授突然抽起煙

  • So, in the comic the good professor is a chain smoker while the fake professor doesn't smoke.

    另外在漫畫裡 杜邦和杜龐前來說再見 並告訴丁丁他們買了新帽子

  • And in the TV Episode it is reversed.

    此時飛機準備離開時 帽子被吹走 也被車子碾過去了

  • In the comic, Tintin goes straight to the police after he fell out of the airplane.


  • On the show he finds the fake professor's suitcase, which contains a notebook with info about the conspiracy

    所以在漫畫中的好教授是老煙槍 而假的教授不會抽煙

  • and that the two professors are twins.


  • At the police station he also calls Thomson and Thompson and tells them to look for the real professor Alembick.

    漫畫裡 丁丁從飛機上掉下來之後就直接去警察局

  • On the show, Tintin get's out of Castafiore's car and arrives right at the museum in Klow.

    在影集中 他找到假的教授的手提箱 裡面包含了一本關於陰謀的筆記本

  • But in the comic he is actually going through a lot more trouble before he arrives there.


  • As soon as Tintin reaches the next town, he gets imprisoned by the police.

    他在警察局也打電話給杜邦和杜龐 告訴他們去尋找真正的哈朗畢克教授

  • At the next day he receives an anonymous letter with a plan to escape death.

    在影集中 丁丁從卡斯塔非歐雷的車子下車後 就到達了克洛的博物館

  • It eventually turned out to be a trap, so they could easily shoot him while he tried to escape.

    但在漫畫裡 他到達那裡之前 就先經歷不少的麻煩

  • Luckily he did manage it.

    丁丁一到下一個鎮 他就被警察收押了

  • In the comic, an ambulances arrives after the prison vehicle accident.

    隔天他收到一封匿名信 信上寫著如何逃脫死亡的計劃

  • Tintin pretends to be unconscious in order to escape.

    計劃最後發現是個陷阱 以至於警察能在丁丁逃跑的時候輕鬆地殺他

  • The fake Professor Alembick is accompanied by the official court photographer,

    很幸運的是 他做到了

  • because he is not allowed to take photos.

    在漫畫中 在囚車事故發生後 便有一台救護車到達

  • In the TV episode he does that alone.


  • The King is informed that accomplices helped the fake Professor and the court photographer


  • to escape from the State prison.


  • On the show, Tintin sees an old cannon at the castle and finds out that there is a spring in the camera.

    影集裡 他一個人做

  • In the comic, he realizes that by seeing a toy cannon through a shop window.


  • There are three gangsters looking for the sceptre


  • and they get scared away by Thomson and Thompson and two guards.

    影集中 丁丁在城堡看到一個老舊的大炮 且發現相機裡面有彈簧

  • On the show, one of the gangsters is waiting in the car

    在漫畫裡 他從櫥窗裡看到玩具的大炮

  • and Thomson and Thompson arrive together with the King.


  • In the comic, Tintin and the gangster are both spending the night in the mountains.


  • In the next morning, Tintin accidentally wakes the gangster with a falling stone,

    在影集裡 其中一個歹徒在車子裡等

  • and the chase continues.


  • On the show, Tintin steals the Bordurian fighter right after he got the sceptre.

    在漫畫中 丁丁跟一名歹徒分別在山上過夜

  • In the comic, Tintin finds letters with information that Bordurian fascists want to take over Syldavia.

    隔天早晨 丁丁突然隨著石頭掉落且叫醒歹徒

  • Tintin then is too hungry to head back and goes to the next house he sees,


  • which is a Bordurian frontier post.

    影集中丁丁拿到權杖後 便偷了博爾多利亞的軍用飛機

  • Meanwhile, the gangster also regained consciousness and Tintin runs away.

    在漫畫裡 丁丁找到兩封關於博爾多利亞的法西斯想接管西爾達維亞的信件

  • He finally steals the fighter after spending another night in the mountains.

    丁丁因為太餓而無法回去 就去了第一間看到的房子

  • In the book, Tintin thinks about borrowing a horse,


  • but finds out that walking might be a better idea.

    同時 歹徒也恢復意識 丁丁就跑掉了

  • After returning the sceptre, Tintin also hands over the documents he found.

    他再次在山上過夜後 終於偷了軍用飛機

  • He also slept in the Palace.

    在漫畫中 丁丁想借一匹馬

  • Three days later, Tintin is informed that they arrested the enemies and found the fake Professor's notebook.


  • The one that Tintin found earlier on the show.

    還權杖之後 丁丁也把他找到的信件交給國王

  • There is also a page about the foreigner who collapsed at Tintin's apartment.


  • It turns out that he is a Syldavian secret agent who came to help.

    三天後 丁丁被告知他們逮捕了敵人 也發現假教授的筆記本

  • While the TV episode has already ended,


  • Tintin, Thomson and Thompson take a sea plane back home in the comic.


Professor Alembick, who is a heavy smoker doesn't smoke in the TV episode.



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