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  • Hey everyone, Jason here

  • today I'm going to show you this custom LEGO model I've built of a hand playing a piano

  • It's currently being

  • operated by this nine volt motor

  • which I'll take off for now

  • when the motors isn't attached

  • it can be operated manually using the crank on the side

  • so let's take a closer look at what's going on here

  • we'll start with the hand

  • as you can see each finger

  • is attached to a LEGO technic beam

  • which is connected to a crank shaft that runs through the base of the stand

  • and as you turn the crank

  • the fingers move up and down

  • next we'll take a look at the piano section

  • which is quite reasonably scaled

  • and all the keys move up and down including the black ones

  • the action's actually reasonably accurate

  • especially considering it's all constructed out of LEGO eventually I may add

  • some sensors and electronics to produce sound

  • but at the moment it just makes beautiful LEGO music

  • I have a little model here to show you how the keys work

  • there is a technic axle that runs through the back that all the white keys

  • pivot on

  • also one that all the black keys pivot on

  • each of the keys just rests on one of these technic springs

  • and underneath each one is also a

  • LEGO rubber tire to provide some dampening

  • and when you put it all together

  • it's actually quite simple

  • I guess that's about it

  • be sure to check out some of the other videos

  • on my channel

  • and if you'd like to see

  • photos of this model or all of the LEGO models that I've made you can check out my

  • photo stream on flickr

  • you can also find instructions for many of the models I've built on my website

  • and also be sure to check out

  • my marble maze project on LEGO CUUSOO

  • and support it if you like it

  • links to all of those can be found in the description

  • thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed it

  • see you next time

Hey everyone, Jason here


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鋼琴家--樂高鋼琴家動感雕塑 (The Pianist - LEGO Piano Player Kinetic Sculpture)

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