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The enemy has broken through along a wide front.
They've taken Zossen to the south and are advancing to Stahnsdorf.
They're on the northern outskirts between Frohnau and Pankow.
They've reached Lichtenberg, Mahlsdorf and Karlshorst to the east.
Steiner's assault will bring it under control.
Mein Führer...
Steiner couldn't mobilise enough men.
He wasn't able to carry out his assault.
The following men will stay here: Keitel, Jodl, Krebs and Burgdorf.
That was an order!
Steiner's assault was an order!
Who do you think you are to dare disobey an order that I give?
So this is what it has come to!
The military, everybody, has been lying to me. Even the SS!
Our Generals are just a bunch of contemptible, disloyal cowards.
I can't permit you to insult the soldiers...
They are cowards, traitors and failures!
Mein Führer, this is outrageous!
Our Generals are the scum of the German people!
Not a shred of honor!
They call themselves Generals! Years at a military academy
just to learn how to hold a knife and fork!
For years, the military has hindered my plans!
They've put every kind of obstacle in my way!
What I should have done
is liquidate all the high ranking officers, as Stalin did!
I never attended an academy,
and yet I have conquered Europe all by myself.
I've been betrayed and deceived from the very beginning!
What a monstrous betrayal of the German people.
But all those traitors will pay.
They'll pay with their own blood.
They shall drown in their own blood!
Gerda, please calm yourself.
My orders have fallen of deaf ears.
Under these circumstances, I am no longer able to lead...
It's over.
The war is lost.
But, gentlemen, if you believe I am going to leave Berlin,
you are seriously mistaken. I'd rather blow my brains out.
Do whatever you like.


Downfall帝國毀滅 (Hitler's Rant - Original Video with English Subtitles: Film = Downfall/Der Untergang - HD)

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JANJI 發佈於 2016 年 2 月 25 日
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