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  • this is not one of those times.

  • Are you... WheezyJoe?

  • Which of youse is Smith?

  • Well, uh, we're here representing Mr. Smith...

  • on a matter of some delicacy.

  • - Who's the pigeon? - The what?

  • - Who you want me to kill? - Yes. Well, we would like you...

  • Mr. Smith would like you to neutralize...

  • terminate... render unto a state of...

  • so that she isn't so much, uh... uh...

  • - Breathing. - Yes. A business associate...

  • by the name of Marylin Rexroth-Doyle-Massey... Smith... Massey.

  • Is that one person? [Wheezes]

  • I have some photos here...

  • of Miss Rexroth, and, um, that's the address that she's staying at.

  • That is Mr. Smith's address... Massey's... Smith...

  • It's Mr. Smith's address, although Mr. Smith is not directly involved.

  • Because of an impending legal matter, we need this to happen within a certain time frame.

  • - On an expedited basis. - You're in a rush.

  • We're not in a rush. Mr. Smith is.

  • Sh... Sh... Sh... She won't... She won't suffer, will she?

this is not one of those times.


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無法容忍的殘忍 (12/12) 電影剪輯 - Wheezy Joe (2003) HD (Intolerable Cruelty (12/12) Movie CLIP - Wheezy Joe (2003) HD)

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