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66 million of you have watched our next guest's video, but
there's more to his story than just being a dancing barista.
His name is Sam and he's autistic.
Sam was told he would never be employable but
he was given an incredible opportunity by a Starbucks manager named Chris.
From Toronto, Canada, please welcome Sam and Chris.
Hey, thank you so much for being here.
This is your first talk show?
>> Yeah, I love It's my first time being here, and I'm a huge fan of you.
>> Well, thanks so much.
I'm a huge fan of you.
So, how did you two meet?
>> Well, Sam and I met at a camp called I Said,
Camp Fry was a camp where we went to, we got to meet kids with autism,
Sam really stood out to me when I actually met him, he told me one of his dreams,
he wanted to be is a barista, and I tried to make that happen.
>> So, that's amazing.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> Okay, so you met at the camp, and
then how long after was the interview?
>> Sam?
>> So, I went to the store and I thought I was gonna get a formal interview.
But, then Chris just said, you got the job.
In that moment, my life changed.
My whole world changed.
[APPLAUSE] >> Yeah, I bet it did.
[APPLAUSE] >> I mean
>> It's your dream job.
I mean, what an amazing thing that you meet and have this instant connection and
you go in.
Okay, so you're dancing behind there, tell everybody why you're dancing.
>> So, basically, the reason I dance is to concentrate.
I concentrate a lot better when I dance.
And yeah.
>> Me too.
>> [LAUGH] >> So.
>> Yeah, me too,
I concentrate a lot better when I dance, which is not really that good.
>> Well, I could add on to that.
Through Sam's jerky movement through his autism, the music and
the dance was able for him to control himself.
Focus on the drinks, focus on the routines.
He's become more comfortable, and he's been doing so great.
>> Yeah, so you like working with Chris?
>> Yeah, he's an amazing boss,
and he's also like a really, really good friend.
And I wouldn't give
him up for anything.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> Pretty amazing.
Pretty amazing.
You're 17 years old?
>> Yes. >> 17 years old.
So, have you seen, you must have,
you must see a change in Sam since you hired him.
>> My gosh, when I first met Sam, he was a little shy.
He had heart trouble looking me in the eye.
Through the progression, I've seen Sam being so outgoing with our customers.
He's been able to make all the drinks.
He's so friendly and he works independent.
>> And he's probably changed you too.
>> My gosh.
Sam has such a big heart and he's made me a better person.
In stories like this, to hear that you're told you would be unemployable,
that you're not be able to work, and you make this connection.
And you give Sam a job, and he's excelling as an employee and
as a person, and helping you at the same time.
I hope more people see this, and
see that you actually can hire people that you think you shouldn't hire.
And, I hope more people do that right now.
[APPLAUSE] >> That's fantastic.
I mean...
>> [APPLAUSE] >> And
I hope you know you're an inspiration, Sam.
I mean, to so many people watching right now, you're a huge inspiration.
You're an amazing guy that you hired Sam.
But this is incredible.
You make money by tips, right?
I want to make sure you get as many tips as possible.
I'm going to give you a tip jar.
>> [LAUGH] >> So,
>> All right, all right, see and
I have an arm that shows people where to put the money and everything.
Sam, there's a place that you've always.
You love to travel right?
>> Yeah. >> Where is a place that
you've always wanted to go?
>> Since I was about four, I've always admired Japan.
>> Japan, since you were four years old.
>> Yeah. >> So, you're drawn to go to Japan for
some reason.
Well, we wanna make sure your dreams come true, so you're going to Japan.
>> Aah!
That's right.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> Our friends
at Shutterfly want you to share life's joy, so that's gonna be amazing.
I can't wait to hear this, obviously, you're supposed to go there.
Four years old wanting to go to Japan.
And we have something for you too, Chris.
You're a big fan of the Toronto Raptors, and I want you to look at this.
>> Hi guys. Kyle Lowry here.
I have Masai and DeMar with me.
Our good friend Ellen told us how big a Raptor fan you are.
>> To show our appreciation, we got something for you,
because we are such big fans of you two.
>> We couldn't do the things on the court that we do without fans like you.
So >> On behalf of the Raptors,
we want to invite you to our practice, meet all our guys, our players and
also invite you to our game.
So thanks, Ellen.
>> Thanks, Ellen. >> [APPLAUSE]
>> You'll meet the team and
get VIP treatment [NOISE] And they send some swag.
>> My God.
>> We'll be right back.
>> [MUSIC]



【艾倫秀】邊跳舞邊做咖啡的星巴克員工 (Ellen Meets the Dancing Starbucks Barista)

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