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One, two, three
My name is Josh. This is my mate, Reese.
We are from Australia, and we love good chat.
But not for too long.
So what Aussie is gonna done is abbreviate everything
Australia. Straya.
Football. Footy.
Tennis ball. Tenno.
Biscuit. Biccy.
Chocolate. Choccy.
Chocolate biscuit. Choccy biccy.
McDonalds. Maccas.
Laptop. Lappy.
ACDC. Acadaca.
Devestated. Devo.
Definitely. Defo!
Morning Tea. Mornos.
No one is ever said that.
I say that all the time.
What time is it? Mornos!
Get the biccy.
Afternoon. Arvo.
This afternoon. S'arvo.
Dinner. Din-Dins.
Breakfast. Brekky.
Service Station. Servo.
Petrol. Petty.
Bottle Shop. Bottle-o.
Tomorrow. Tomorra.
Bowling Club. Bowlo.
Garbage Man. Garbo.
Postman. Postie.?
R.S.L. Arrie or Rissole.
Smoke Break. Smoko.
Registration. Rego.
Aggressive. Agro.
Pregnant. Preggas.
Woolongong. The Gong.
Swimming Costume. Cozzie.
Mosquito. Mozzie.
Tracksuit Pants. Trackie Dacks.
Monday. Mondy.
Tuesday. Choosdee.
Wednesday. Wensdee.
Thursday. Thursdee.
Friday. Fry-dee.
Saturday. Sat-dee.
Sunday. Sundee.
Birthday. Birthdee.
Musician. Muso.
U-Turn. Uey.
From out west. Westie.
Facebook. Facey.
Vegetarian. Veggo.
Cab Driver. Cabbie.
Lipstick. Lippy.
Sunglasses. Sunnies.
Present. Prezzie.
Christmas. Chrissy.
Christmas Present. Chrissy Prezzie.
St Vincent De Paul. Vinnies.
Salvation Army. Salvos.
Cup of Tea. Cuppa.
Is that British?
We are British.
Avocado. Avo.
Have an Avocado. Avanavo.
Spagetti Bolognase. Spag Bog.
do you call it Spag Bog or Spag Bol?
I think there's 2 variations
Underpants. Undies.
Beverage. Bevvy.?
Chewing Gum. Chewy.
Toasted Sandwich. Toastie.
Methylated Spirits. Metho.
Turpentine. Turps.
Fellow. Fella.?
Poverty stricken Person. Povvo.
Husband. Hubby.
Give me. Gimme.?
Trying to. Tryna.
Hectic. Heckers.
Cigarette. Ciggie.?
Tin can of beer. Tinny.
Schnitzel. Schnitty.
Ambulance. Ambo.
Fireman. Firey.
Cop. Coppa.
Bricklayer. Brickie.?
Tradesman. Tradie.
Umbrella. Brolly.
Sick day of work. Sickie.
Kangaroo. Roo.
Champagne. Champers.
Relatives. Relos.
Expensive. Exxy.
Brisbane. Brissy.
Derelict. Dero.
Cabernet Sauvignon. Cab-sav.
Kindergarten. Kindy.
I did write like a little...
After smoko I might go down the bowlo sarvo for a schnitty and bevvy with tommo.
then I'll head back to the missus for din dins with the fam and watch some soapies on the tele.
hopefully on the way I don't get pulled over by coppers... coz I don't have my rego.
We're so bogan
if you want to learn how to speak Aussie (Australian)
see you can have short convos (conversations)
That's how... do the..
this guys is an actual actor. Check out his page here.
See you next time. See you later.
See you later.



道地的澳式英文怎麼講?拚命縮寫! (How to speak Australian : Abbreviate Everything)

44629 分類 收藏
Ruby Lu 發佈於 2018 年 1 月 15 日    Ruby Lu 翻譯    Kristi Yang 審核
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