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  • The United States is well known for its love of guns.


  • With more guns per resident than any other country on earth, the US also suffers from the highest number of gun deaths per capita.


  • So, why does America love guns so much?


  • Well, the basis for the US’s gun policy is the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.


  • It states, "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

    其中載明:「紀律良好的民兵隊伍,對自由國家的安全實屬必要故人民持有和攜帶武器的權利,不得予以侵犯」 。

  • Since it was written in 1791, gun control laws have been narrowed down, and varied from state to state.

    從該修正案在 1791 年訂定後,槍管法如今已被限縮,且各州規定有所不同。

  • However, America’s love of guns still comes from their early history.


  • The founding fathers understood that in most conflicts, the more powerfully armed force usually wins.


  • The Second Amendment was intended to fight tyrannical oppression, defend against invaders, and guarantee the right to self-defense.


  • The right to self defense is actually found in the British common law on which the founders based much of the constitution.


  • Inherent in America’s birth is the idea that freedom and liberty must be defended with force.


  • Today, although the political and military situation has changed, many Americans continue to associate freedom with gun ownership.


  • Pro-gun advocates, such as the National Rifle Association, argue that guns allow people to protect themselves against criminals with guns.

    如美國全國步槍協會等槍枝擁護團體認為,擁有槍枝才能在面對持槍歹徒時自保 。

  • It’s argued that since guns are so ubiquitous, gun control laws would only prevent law abiding citizens from having guns.


  • Meanwhile, criminals would ignore those laws and crime would increase.


  • A 2014 Pew study confirms that American attitudes have shifted towards gun ownership rights instead of gun control.

    2014 年皮尤公司所進行的民調顯示,美國人民對槍枝議題態度已由支持管制槍枝轉為支持擁有槍枝。

  • This suggests that people believe it is safer to have guns for protection than to limit gun ownership.


  • The most repeated argument for associating freedom and guns, is that the United States government was intended to exist only at the whim of its citizens.


  • In 1946, a town in Tennessee led an armed revolt against the police and sheriff. He had restricted their voting rights, unlawfully jailed and fined citizens for profit, and rigged an election.

    1946 年,一個田納西州小鎮上的人民以武裝反抗警察和警長,因為該警長侵犯鎮民投票權、非法關押鎮民、任意罰款以中飽私囊,以及操縱選舉。

  • As it says in the declaration of independence "whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it".


  • It's argued that the Second Amendment is supposed to guarantee the people’s ability to actually get that done.


  • Still, despite the potential freedom from tyranny, conflicting studies can’t seem to determine whether or not gun controls actually lower violent crime.


  • However, researchers at Harvard determined that in nearly every case, more guns equals more homicides.


  • In the US, children are 17 times more likely to be murdered with a firearm than in other countries.

    在美國,兒童被槍殺的機率比他國兒童要高出 17 倍。

  • Still, it is doubtful that Americans will ever transition away from conflating guns and freedom.


  • Europe has a very different relationship with guns than the United States, but do the gun control laws there really work? Well, check out our video.


  • In other places, like Lithuania and Romania, few civilians own firearms because at one point they were part of the Soviet Union, which had extremely strict gun laws.


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The United States is well known for its love of guns.



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為何美國擁護槍枝? (Why Does America Love Guns?)

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