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  • How to Be a Good Host. Party-planning can be tricky, but you don't have to be Martha

  • Stewart to be a good host. You will need A venue Event-appropriate food, drink, and decorations

  • And guests Printed invitations and hired help. Step 1. Decide whom to invite. Choose guests

  • who will get along, but don't be afraid to push the envelope. Mix Democrats with Republicans,

  • book-lovers with TV junkies, artists with tycoons. There are limits, of courseif

  • you've invited the Hatfields, have the McCoys another time. Step 2. Issue invitations by

  • mail, phone, email, or in person. The more formal the event, the more notice you should

  • give. A wedding needs at least six weeks, but a potluck only days. If you anticipate

  • a noise level that might annoy your neighbors, make sure to invite them! Even if they don't

  • come, it's harder to complain about a party you were invited to. Step 3. Prepare early.

  • If it's a dinner party, set the table before the doorbell rings. If kids or pets are coming,

  • put away breakables (ditto for Super Bowl parties). Choose foods you can make ahead

  • of time. If your budget allows, hire someone to set up, take coats, and clear dishes, even

  • if it's just an eager high school kid. You'll be free to ease conversation and smooth over

  • social wrinkles, which is a host's real job. Step 4. Make sure each guest has two things

  • within minutes of arriving: a drink and an introduction to at least a few other guests.

  • This isn't a library or funeral parlor, so give people that initial incentive to talk.

  • Use alcohol judiciously. A little might be good to loosen up both you and your guestsbut

  • break out the club soda well before the brawling begins. Step 5. Listen for disharmony or awkward

  • silence. If your buttoned-up boss is struggling to talk to your pet psychic, jump in with

  • an introduction to someone newlike your neighbor, who's wondering why he was invited.

  • Step 6. Relax. Once everyone's in the room, there's a limit to what you can do. Let the

  • event take its course and try to have some fun. Did you know The Korean monster movie,

  • The Host, features a creature that emerges from the river and eats people.

How to Be a Good Host. Party-planning can be tricky, but you don't have to be Martha


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如何成為一名優秀的主持人 (How to Be a Good Host)

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