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  • But isn't it un-American and wrong to discriminate against people based on their religion?

    因為信仰歧視別人 難道不違反美國價值?這不對吧?

  • But, Jimmy, the problem

    不過 吉米 問題在於..

  • Uh, I mean, look, I'm for it...


  • But, look...

    但是 聽好..

  • We have people coming into our country


  • that are looking to do tremendous harm.


  • You look at the two-


  • Look at Paris.


  • Look at what happened in Paris.


  • I mean, these people, they did not come from Sweden

    我的意思是 這些人 他們可不是來自瑞典

  • Okay?


  • Look at what happened in Paris.


  • Look at what happened last week in California,


  • with...with, you know, fourteen people dead.


  • Other people going to die,


  • they're so badly injured.


  • We have a real problem.


  • There's a tremendous hatred out there.


  • And what I wanna do is find out what-


  • you know, you can't solve a problem

    你知道 想解決問題

  • until you find out what's the root cause.


  • And I wanna find out what is the problem


  • what's going on.


  • And, it's temporary


  • I've had so many people call me and say thank you.

    很多人打電話給我 向我道謝

  • Now, if you remember, when I did that a week ago

    如果你記得的話 一個禮拜前 我說那番話時

  • it was like bedlam


  • All of a sudden --


  • and you watch last night


  • and you see people talking.


  • They say, "Well, Trump has a point.

    他們說 「川普說的有理」

  • We have to get down to the problem."


  • The people that are friends of mine that called,


  • they said,


  • "Donald, you've done us a tremendous service,

    「川普, 你真是幫了我們大忙」

  • because we do have a problem


  • and we have to find out what is the --

    「我們一定要找出來 到底..」

  • -and we have to find out what is the-- -those might have been prank calls


  • -those may have been prank calls -No, no

    -那些電話搞不好只是惡作劇 不是 不是

  • One of the things I find fascinating about Donald Trump

    仔細觀察 川普很有趣的一點

  • is the way he uses language


  • differently than other candidates for political office,


  • especially president of the United States


  • Whereas his opponents and the political class in general seem hyper-aware that


  • their words would be picked apart and used against them


  • Trump willfully disregards this fact.


  • As a lifelong salesman, he has a huckster's knack for selling a feeling

    生意人出身 他有著強迫促銷的天份 訴諸情感

  • even if the ideas and facts that underscore it are spurious, racist or just plain incomprehensible

    就算這些想法事實謬誤百出、充滿歧視 令人摸不著頭緒

  • so I thought it would be illuminating to look at a Trump answer to a simple question

    因此 仔細觀察川普如何回答這問題 有助於釐清一些事實

  • In this case Jimmy Kimmel asking Trump whether or not it’s wrong to discriminate against people based on their religion

    在脫口秀節目上 主持人吉米訪問川普 因信仰歧視別人是否不對?

  • referring to Trump’s proposal to temporarily ban all Muslims from entering the United States


  • This 220 word, exactly 1 minute answer displays

    從這220字、一分鐘長的回答 看得出來

  • I think, a range of the things that Trump uses all the time in his speech

    看得出來 川普慣常的說話方式

  • The first thing to know is how simple this language is

    首先 他使用的語言非常簡單

  • Of the 220 words, 172, or 78%, are only one syllable

    220字裡 172個字只有一個音節 佔78%

  • and often they come in a rhythmic series like a volley of jabs ending with one of his buzz words

    這些字帶有節奏 連珠砲似一連串的攻擊 以他特有的口頭禪結尾

  • we have to get down to the problem


  • 39 words, or 17%, are two syllables long

    39個字兩個音節 佔17%

  • only 4 words have 3 syllables, 3 of which are the word tremendous, tremendous, tremendous

    三個音節的字只有4個 其中有三個是tremendous(嚴重)

  • and just two words are 4 syllables long


  • California, which he’s forced to use because it has less syllables than San Bernardino

    像是California(加州) 他不得不說這字 因為比San Bernardino(聖貝納迪諾槍擊案)音節少

  • and temporary, which he swallows


  • and it’s temporary, I’ve had so many people

    「這只是暫時的 有很多人..」

  • this breakdown fits with the study done by the Boston Globe


  • that put all 2016 presidential candidatesannouncement speeches


  • through the Flesch-Kincaid readability test to determine their respective grade level rankings

    以Flesch-Kincaid適讀性公式分析 得出相對應的年級程度

  • Donald Trump’s speech came out at the 4th grade reading level

    川普的演說 約略是四年級的程度

  • Now for reference, Ben Carson came out at 6th grade

    相對來看 Ben Carson是六年級

  • Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush were speaking at an 8th grade reading level


  • and Bernie Sanders was a way up in high school, a sophomore, to be exact

    而桑德斯則高得多 更精確地說 是高二的程度

  • Now this isn’t only down to word or syllable choice

    不過 語言牽涉的不只是字或音節

  • it’s about sentence construction, too


  • Trump favors simple sentences like


  • we have a real problem, there is a tremendous hatred out there


  • Rarely does he use complex sentences or independent clauses


  • He also favors the second person a lot of the time, addressing listeners directly with commands

    他也愛用第二人稱 直接用命令句

  • Look at Paris, Look at what happened in Paris, Look at what happened in Paris, Look at what happened last week in California


  • Or implicating us in what he’s saying as if weve already agreed

    或者暗示我們 仿若我們早同意他所說的一切

  • and you watch last night, and you see people talking


  • He’s really good at this, at framing negative response as an over-reaction that was subsequently realized as such

    他深諳此道 將負面質疑包裝成反應過度

  • if you remember, when I did that a week ago it was like bedlam.

    像是「如果你記得的話 一個禮拜前 我說那番話時 大家亂糟糟吵成一團」

  • All of a suddenand you watch last, and you see people talking.

    「突然間- 昨晚你看, 大家開始在說...」

  • They said, “Well Trump has a point. We have to get down to the problem."

    「他們說 『川普說的有理 我們一定要找出問題來』」

  • Maybe the most important technique Trump utilizes and he does this more than anyone I’ve ever heard

    或許 川普最厲害的一招在於 每句話結尾的字

  • is ending his sentences with strong punchy words.

    總是鏗鏘有力 而且他是我看過使用最多次這招的人

  • A lot of times hell rearrange the beginning of a sentence awkwardly, so that he can end strong.

    他經常調換句子順序 雖然有點怪 卻讓句子能有個有力的結尾

  • For example, here, it would probably be more natural to say

    舉例來說 這句話或許這麼說比較自然

  • you can’t solve a problem until you find out what the root cause is

    you can’t solve a problem until you find out what the root cause is(想解決問題 要先找出背後原因)

  • but he brings the is forward to end on root cause

    他卻將is往前 以root cause結尾

  • he does the same here


  • and it looks like he was going to about the same in the end before Kimmel cuts him off

    他原本也打算在這句這麼做 卻被主持人吉米打斷

  • these final words are crucial for Trump

    這些結尾的字 對川普來說極為重要

  • Theyre pointed and taken together sketch the theme of the entire answer


  • harm, dead, die, badly injured, problem, root cause

    harm(傷害)dead(死掉) die(死) badly injured(傷重) problem(問題) root cause(原因)

  • thank you, bedlam, point, problem, service, problem

    thank you(感謝) bedlam(一團亂) point(有理) problem(問題) service(幫了忙) problem(問題)

  • In some sense, it’s these words that audiences remember

    在某種程度上 觀眾會記得這些字

  • especially when the rest of the speech is incoherent


  • Like the best salesman, Trump keeps it simple, he repeats a lot

    川普像個萬能銷售員 力求簡單、再三重複

  • we have a real problem, what is the problem


  • we do have a problem, we have to get down to the problem


  • and he uses his favorite words over and over

    他也不斷重複口頭禪 一而再、再而三

  • tremendous, tremendous, tremendous service

    tremendous(嚴重) tremendous(嚴重) tremendous service(幫了大忙)

  • and he always seems to have friends who are part of the group that he’s currently insulting

    他攻擊的對象裡 也經常包括他的友人

  • calling him up and thanking him for the privilege


  • many of them called me they said you know Donald, youre right, we have a problem and look, there is a problem

    「很多人打電話給我 他們說『川普 你說得有理 我們真的的遇到問題 問題真的存在』」

  • Donald Trump knows when to sound incredulous, or forceful


  • He has good comedic instinct, you can even call him witty

    他本性詼諧 甚至可說是風趣

  • but you can’t call him smart or well informed


  • the best salesman could sell you a TV without knowing anything about it

    最棒的銷售高手不需要懂電視 就能把產品賣給你

  • because the TV isn’t what matters.


  • What matters, is you.


  • And if you are an American citizen who, for years


  • has listened to politicians sound sophisticated while accomplishing nothing

    對於政治人物華而不實的語言 早已司空見慣

  • you might just be primed for something


  • that is everything they are not.


  • But the next time you feel like Donald Trump has a point

    下次 若你覺得川普說得有理

  • do yourself a favor


  • and look at his words.

    張大耳朵 仔細聽聽他說的話

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  • like what they do. They talk about books, movies, and my personal favorite is definitely 8-Bit Philosophy,

    內容包括書籍、電影 我大推8-Bit哲學這個系列

  • which is like philosophy explained with Nintendo graphics. So well done. I wish I had thought of that.

    他們用任天堂動畫解釋哲學 做得極好 當初我怎沒想到

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But isn't it un-American and wrong to discriminate against people based on their religion?

因為信仰歧視別人 難道不違反美國價值?這不對吧?


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