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Five threes.
Open it ,you lost.
You lost.
My design work is making the rounds with the entire company.
We're talking 500 people in our company.
The head boss emails me directly.
Congratulating me.
This is…quite a big…deal!
You fu*king btch.
I love you.
I love you, too.
I love you.
This one looks good.
It’s good.
You're always so selfish.
You never think about me.
You hang out with your friends everyday.
I just feel like you can be really passive aggressive, sometimes
And I just don't want you to have that anger bottled up inside of you.
It will only turn into resentment.
Babe, l'm sorry.
This is for you.
Well, I'll forgive you this time.
Baby, I am so sorry about those horrible things I said just then.
I’m projecting my own frustrations onto you.
And it's not your burden to bear.
You are perfect and special, and I need to treat you that way.
We've been together for six months.
I love you, you love me.
My Chinese zodiac is horse, yours is dog.
Our birth dates align perfectly, so…
Marry me.
Oh, I do!
We've been dating now for 11 years.
We've been living together for 8.
And we have a dog together.
Will you marry me?
What's your job?
Where do you plan to buy a house?
What's your plan for the future?
How much white wine can you drink?
You're a golfer?
Welcome to the family, son.
Hand it over.
Go on.
Is that all?
That's all.
Do you think I would believe you? You think you can deceive your wife?
I think someone stole our credit card information.
There are all these weird purchases.
A 70 inch plasma TV.
A 5 year subscription to Powered Protein Monthly.
And a digital beverage helmet.
Who would buy that?
Are we ready for this?
Is this the right time?
I don't know.
Having a baby is a huge responsibility.
I mean…
Are we gonna have time for it?
I'm pregnant.
We finally did it!
Our parents will leave us alone now.
Don't forget the wipes like you did last time!
I got the wipes! I got the wipes!
Baby powder!
I got the powder, I got the powder !
What do you think I don't have powder?
I know, daddy's a Fu*cking loser.
Do not screw this up again!
I am ontop of it, ok?
Are you doing Huggies or we doing the natural kind?
Are you seriously asking me that right now?
Am I seriously asking?
I’m seriously about to punch you in the head.
Do you know that?
I am a human being as well.
Hurry the fu*k up!
Are we bringing Mr. Fluffer?
You know she can't go anywhere without Mr. Fluffer!
I will Mr. Fluffer you.
Mom, here you go.
Oh, a baby
Let's go!
Bye bye!



幻想過交外國男女朋友嗎?看了後再考慮也不遲!(Western Couples vs Chinese Couples)

56897 分類 收藏
Angela Hsu 發佈於 2016 年 2 月 16 日    Angela Hsu 翻譯    審核
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