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How to Have Better Sex. Have more fun in bed with these proven strategies for improving
sex. You will need Exercise Deep breathing Hair tugging An emotional connection A marriage
license A feminist partner Masturbation (optional) (optional) and wealth (optional) (optional).
Step 1. Get moving. Exercise activates the sympathetic nervous system, encouraging blood
flow to the genital region. One study found that women were more sexually responsive following
20 minutes of vigorous exercise. Men who are physically active may reduce their chance
of erectile dysfunction by up to 30 percent. Step 2. Take a lot of slow, deep breaths when
you're on the verge of orgasm. You'll climax more intensely by increasing blood flow to
your genitals. Step 3. Tug each other's hair in the home stretch. It releases endorphins,
which in turn intensify orgasm. Studies suggest that women who masturbate have better orgasms
during intercourse than those who don't. Step 4. Be in love. Studies indicate that couples
who have a strong emotional connection have more satisfying sex. Step 5. Get married.
Surveys show married people have better sex than singles do. Even better, marry someone
rich. Wealthy people have sex more often and are more likely to reach orgasm than the middle
and lower classes. Step 6. Hook up with a feminist. Research shows that men with a feminist
partner and women with a male who identifies himself as a feminist have healthier relationships
and better sex lives. Let's hear it for equality! Did you know You burn up to 200 calories after
30 minutes of sex.


改善性 (How to Have Better Sex)

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Robert Chang 發佈於 2016 年 2 月 6 日
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