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  • thank you thank you

  • thank you thank you thank you

  • TFBOYS please come here

  • it's so happy to meet you again

  • okay come here come here

  • let's welcome TFBOYS

  • to celebrate the new year with us

  • first, stand in the middle

  • WOW so cool

  • it's robot robot right?

  • because today is the new year eve

  • so first, you send some wishes to the audiences

  • because winter vacation is soon after new year

  • what winter vacation blessings to the audiences

  • Wang Jun Kai (Karry) : wish everyone has time to travel with family and relax

  • what about you, Wang Yuan (Roy)

  • Wang Yuan (Roy) : wish everyone becomes healthier and happier

  • so good, and Jackson?

  • wish everyone keep healthy and finish your homework

  • yeah! homework is really tiresome

  • I tell you that TFBOYS endorse an app

  • only have to scan the question and the solution will come out

  • okay wish everyone has a happy vaction

  • and today a special friend performed with them

  • hello NK-01

  • can you dance TFBOYS's song

  • dance for us okay

  • Wang Jun Kai (Karry) : wow! he has a husky voice

  • you did a good job today, NK-01

  • do you have anything want to ask TFBOYS

  • I want to know some Popular Words

  • He want to ask TFBOYS to act some popular words

  • what is the first popular words

  • the first one is....

  • what is the first popular words

  • let me help you

  • "I'm Drunk" # means Feel helpless

  • come Wang Yuan (Roy) you're good at drunk by milk

  • ready...3...2...1.....start

  • what is the second one

  • the second one is....

  • "Frightened the baby" # means Feeling surprised or shocked

  • okay Jackson, ready...3...2...1.....start

  • and last one is for Jun Kai (Karry)

  • what word

  • "Mainly look temperament"

  • Wang Jun Kai (Karry) : I think this question really suit me

  • it's better that I say it

  • okay Jun Kai , ready...3...2...1.....start

  • so cute

  • #advertising

  • okay now TFBOYS have one more show

  • go to prepare it, okay

  • okay, see you later

  • also thanks NK-01, bye bye

  • the next song

  • today is the first time they preform this song

  • yes, the name of the song is "Imperfect Child"

  • the song tells everyone especially kids that

  • there may have something imperfect when you're growing

  • but it is important to keep conversation with your parents

  • grow into a perfect child

  • maybe all people praise for the perfect child

  • but the imperfect child will receive love from parents

  • in parents view, even their kids are imperfect they will always be the cutest

  • in my view, TFBOYS's song has an important feature that every song is Inspirational

  • now TFBOYS will show us a different preformance and

  • this song may cause you remember loves from parents

  • now welcome TFBOYS

  • "Imperfect Child"

  • this song for you

  • thank you thank everyone

  • the last song "Red Dragonfly"

  • sing with us

  • sing with us

  • Thank you!

  • Happy New Year

  • wish you happy new year and stay healthy thank you, thank you, bye bye

thank you thank you


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