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A Thursday in our nation's capital unlike any other for the Warrior's organization
a visit to the White House with the welcome from president Obama
all part of a time-honored recognition of America's championship team
the kind of people you want representing a city, representing NBA
and the kinds of people that you want our kids to be rooting for
for us to not only see the White House, but to see it with the current president
it's an unbelievable experience and something that all of us will remember for the rest of our lives
we are coming with my teammates
this moment was definitely special
it kinda gets you chills you know
not everyone gets this opportunity
so I cherish them thankful for them cos its a blessing
championship teams visiting White House is a tradition that gained momentum during the Reagan administration
but as far back in the mid 1800s, president Andrew Johnson hosted baseball teams here
and now around 150 years later the Warriors had an unforgettable day here in Washington D.C.
this is a great moment for not only franchise
I think for us as owners and our entire ownership group is really excited to be here
I've never been here so it's pretty exciting to do this today and actually hope to do it again
this kinda success and being recognized and being here is wonderful
it's part of the process of having a wonderful team a wonderful organization and a lot of luck
words don't really do justice to how everybody feels here and how excited everyone is
to have this one special moment that we will remember for the end of our lives
but you know it also makes you wanna do it again right
have an opportunity to experience this yet one more time
so we will see what happens
special day
with the Warriors at the White House I'm Laurence Scott


NBA勇士隊入白宮歐巴馬不斷酸柯瑞 Warriors at the White House

7626 分類 收藏
Michael Lu 發佈於 2016 年 2 月 4 日    Michael Lu 翻譯    Jack Lu 審核
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