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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day
so get started on the right foot
with these five incredible smoothie recipes.
(upbeat music)
So, to get started I'm going to share
just a couple tips to make your smoothie making
run smoothly, right?
First up, you want to use frozen fruit.
Now, the reason is you don't want to be watering down
your smoothie with a whole bunch of ice.
So, freeze your fruit yourself.
I like to freeze my fruit in
a single layer on a baking sheet.
This prevents it from all clumping and sticking together.
Next, when it comes to using your blender
be sure to add your liquid first near the blades.
That's gonna help your blender run a little more smoothly.
Finally, don't be afraid to prepackage your smoothies
and leave them in the freezer.
These are great 'cause all you need to do in the morning
is roll out of bed, pour these into your blender
with a little bit of yogurt and some juice
and you're off to the races.
Breakfast is served.
I love this sunny tropical
yellow smoothie to start off my week.
It's perfect for a gloomy Monday morning to get you going.
So, we're gonna start with a half a cup of pineapple juice.
Now, if you don't have pineapple juice,
it's fine, you could also use orange juice
or even almond milk in this recipe would work just as well.
To that, we're going to add a half a cup of Greek yogurt.
This is going to add a little bit of
much needed protein into our smoothie
then we're gonna top it with some tasty fruits
like some frozen pineapple,
some mango, and some tasty banana.
Finally, we're gonna hit it with a little bit
of grated ginger just to liven it all up
and press blend.
Monday morning breakfast, taken care of.
(upbeat music)
I call this my Orange your glad
it's not Monday anymore Tuesday smoothie.
We're starting with some orange juice, about half a cup.
To that we're gonna add about a half a cup
of Greek yogurt for protein,
one peeled orange frozen,
half a peach, also peeled and frozen,
and finally, one shredded carrot.
I love sneaking vegetables into these smoothies
when no one's looking.
They'll never even taste it.
Come hump day, I'm ready for something
bright and beautiful like this ruby reb smoothie
that features watermelon and strawberries
and fresh raspberries.
It's absolutely delicious.
We're going to mix it all up with a little bit of almond milk
and some Greek yogurt.
I'm using vanilla flavored Greek yogurt for this recipe
and boom, there's breakfast baby.
(upbeat music)
By the time Thursday rolls around
you're stressed out to the max
or at least I know I am.
What better way to start your day
than with a whole lot of antioxidant goodness?
This purple smoothie is so delicious
and features some of these most antioxidant rich foods.
Into our blender we are adding a half
a cup of pomegranate juice.
If you don't have pomegranate juice,
cranberry juice will also work.
Then we are going to add some vanilla flavored Greek yogurt.
We've got some frozen blueberries
and frozen blackberries
and even some beautiful
freshly pitted cherries.
When they're in season, buy a whole ton,
pit them and then freeze them so you can use them
all year long.
Ladies and gentleman, congratulations.
You made it to Friday.
Now, in order to prepare for the
epic night you have ahead of you,
probably best to get some greens into us early.
So, I'm gonna show you my tasty
Friday green goodness smoothie.
All right, so it starts with about a half a cup of OJ,
half a cup of vanilla flavored Greek yogurt,
to that we are going to add two peeled and frozen kiwis,
and then a whole avocado.
Trust me on this one,
it's gonna add some creaminess
and some texture.
You're going to absolutely love it.
Now, believe it or not you can freeze avocados.
You'll never be able to eat it
on its own again
but it is great in smoothies.
And then we're gonna add a handful of greens
and you won't even taste them
because of this beautiful kiwi.
Also, keep in mind that smoothies
are an excellent place to improvise.
So, once you've got these basic recipes down
you can add all sorts of things to them
like protein powder or hemp seeds or chia seeds.
Any kind of greens, you can sneak those in.
You won't even know they're there.
These are incredibly delicious
and packed full of nutrients.
I hope you'll give them a try and let me know how it goes.
Be sure to tweet me or instagram me a photo
of what you come up with in your own kitchen.
I love hearing from you.
And be sure to subscribe for more great recipes
just like these.
Happy Monday, Happy Tuesday,
Happy Wednesday, Happy Thursday, Happy Friday.
And come Saturday it's time for eggs benedict.
I have a video for that too.



5種健康早餐冰沙 (5 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies!)

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milly 發佈於 2017 年 7 月 24 日   王桂淳 翻譯   Kristi Yang 審核


總是煩惱早餐要吃什麼嗎?不妨早起個五分鐘,用 smoothie 開啟活力滿滿的一天!這邊提供了禮拜一到禮拜五簡單好喝的果昔食譜,準備好水果、優格和果汁機,我們一起加入健康早餐冰沙的行列!

1roll out of bed0:48
roll out of bed 其實就是 get out of bed,起床的另一個口語的說法啦!只是較常在睡得比平常晚的情況下使用。
He often rolls out of bed late on weekends.

roll 這個字在日常生活中也有很多實用的用法,通通學起來吧!
roll a dice 是「擲骰子」,這個擲的動詞就是 roll
on a roll 指「很成功的」,就像運氣是滾滾而來的。
roll one's eyes 就是「翻白眼」,眼珠往上翻的動作就是 roll
be rolling in money 是「賺大錢」,就像中文所說的錢滾錢一樣。
rolling in the aisles 就是「捧腹大笑」,aisle 是走道的意思,在走道上翻滾,就是大笑。前面通常搭配 have/get them 一起使用。

影片中的 top 是當動詞用,裝飾、加上的意思,通常會使用 top A with B 的用法,即在 A 上加上 B 做裝飾。影片中的句子是 top it with some tasty fruits,即在 smoothie 上加上好吃的水果的意思。
The clerk topped the ice cream with nuts.

topping 就是加在食物上的配料,而 dressing 則是沙拉醬汁,通常搭配 salad 一起使用。

【Jamie Oliver料理教室】蘿絲瑪莉比薩食譜推薦 (Pizza Bianco with Rosemary & Pancetta | Jamie Oliver)

3liven sth. up1:29
liven 本身當動詞用,是使活躍的意思,通常會搭配 up 一起使用,也就是這個片語,liven sth. up,給...增色、讓...愉快有趣起來的意思。
The painting can liven the living room up.

The famous singer has liven the party up.

4hump day1:59
hump 這個字可以當名詞或動詞用,當名詞時,有駝背或是(駱駝)駝峰的意思,也有困難的意思,通常以 over the hump 的片語使用,指已經度過困難的階段。
He is an old man with a hump.

We've been working on the fundraising project for months, and we're finally over the hump.

hump day 則是禮拜三的意思,人們常說禮拜三是小周末,是因為已經到了五天工作日的中間,就像是已經爬上駱駝的駝峰 hump 一般,只要再工作兩天就能迎接周末假期,因此有 Happy hump day! 的說法。

epic 在影片中是當形容詞使用,是比較口語的用法,即超棒的意思,而比較書面的用法,為史詩般的、壯麗的意思;當作名詞使用時,意思為史詩或史詩般的作品,可用在詩、書籍或電影上。

【TED】詹姆士.柯麥隆(James Cameron):在阿凡達之前...一個好奇的男孩 Before Avatar ... a curious boy

看完了五天各一色的健康早餐冰沙,不知道大家最喜歡哪一天的口味呢?小編自己最愛的就是 hump day 的粉紅色口味了,有西瓜、草莓、覆盆子,都是小編最喜歡吃的水果><大家也可以設計專屬自己的健康早餐冰沙唷!歡迎跟小編分享你們的冰沙食譜!

文/ Vicky




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