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  • Hi Friends I am Niharika. English is the most widely spoken language. But at times people


  • do mispronounce certain words. There are different reasons for it. There are words that are


  • always be mispronounced by so many people. So people tend to think , well that's the pronunciation.


  • So in this lesson I have picked up around 15 random English words which are usually mispronounced


  • by many people. So we are gonna learn how to pronounce these words correctly .


  • So, let's get started - the very first one the dry fruit - it's pronounced as Almond. Many people tend

    那麼,開始吧! 首先第一個字是種果乾- 唸起來是「Almond」(扁桃);許多人

  • to pronounce it as almond I would like to eat five almonds - that's incorrect. The correct

    會唸成「Almond」,我想吃5個「Almond」- 這樣不對,正確的

  • pronunciation is almond Ah-mund , so the「 L」 is silent. Another word that I have for you is Dengue, the mosquito

    發音是「almond」,「Ah-mund」 ,不需發L音,另一的單字是「Dengue」(登革熱),蚊子

  • borne disease - Yes it's not dengue or its not dengue, many people pronounce it in this


  • manner but that is incorrect. The correct pronunciation is 'Den-gee' So it's Den-gee

    是錯的,正確的發音是 「Den-gee」 ,是「Den-gee」

  • Another one that I have for you is pizza,the amazing pizza, the delicious cheesy pizza.


  • Now , many people pronounce it as pizza or they pronounce it as pizza, these are all


  • incorrect pronunciations. The correct way to pronounce it is pizza. Its peet-zha. Got


  • it? The next one sour ,something which is sour - lemons are sour , so it's - you can

    了解嗎? 下一個字「sour」,表示很酸的東西-像是檸檬,所以-你可以

  • rhyme it with power or shower so it's sour. The correct pronunciation is sour because


  • many people pronounce it as sour or sour, all weird pronunciations so make sure you


  • don't pronounce it incorrectly. the correct pronunciation to this word is sower. The next


  • one that I have for you is coupon. Now people tend to pronounce it coupons but its not coupon


  • - it is 'Cu-pawn' Something like this,it rhymes with lawn or Shaun. Coupons are these gift


  • vouchers or discount vouchers that you use to buy or shop for things. So they are called


  • or the correct pronunciation is coupons. The next one that I have for you is the trades-person


  • plumber it's not plumber but its plumber. So here the 'b' is silent - it's 'plumer' So


  • the person who fix the pipes or the water drainage for you, the trades-person is called


  • as plumber. My plumber is gonna come this afternoon so I gotta be home. So it's plumber


  • The next one - the second month of the year -what is it pronounced as ? Well, most of

    下一個,一年裡的第二個月份,要怎麼唸呢? 嗯

  • the people in this world, they pronounce it incorrectly. the way they pronounce it is


  • 'Febuary' they tend to drop the 'r' but that's incorrect the correct pronunciation of this


  • month is -Feb- roo-ary. So it's something like this - it's February, please do not drop

    發音是「Feb- roo-ary」,像這樣,是 February,請不要忘記

  • the 'R' it's not February it is February. That's how you will pronounce it. The next

    「R」,不是「 February」,是「 February」,你該這樣發音,下一個

  • one is debris - the scattered pieces like, may be there is an earthquake or there is


  • a building collapse then you find debris. Debris are everywhere so debris are the scattered


  • pieces of rubbish. So it is debree - though it is spelt with a 's' but its not pronounced


  • as debris it is deb-ree. So it's - that's how it is pronounces -'deb-ree' Got it? Let's


  • have a look at another. Sometimes you know many people have this breathlessness because


  • they are suffering from the disease called asthma. It's not asthma because the way its


  • spelt, people tend to pronounce it incorrectly, people tend to say asthma but its not asthma


  • the correct pronunciation is azma okay - so that's the correct pronunciation. Another


  • word that is mispronounced lingerie. Though if you look at the spelling it's lingerie


  • that's how people tend to pronounce it but that's incorrect the correct pronunciation


  • is - Lawn-gray and what's lingerie, well the woman's inner wear or the night clothes. So,


  • that is lingerie so the correct way is 'lawn-gray' so that's how you would pronounce this word.


  • Another one is mojito well it's the cocktail that you enjoy on a hot summer day or may


  • be on a weekend. so that's mojito. Yes, it's delicious. But people tend to pronounce it


  • as mojito -that's incorrect the correct pronunciation is 'Moheeto' So instead of putting stress


  • on the 'j' you gonna say mojito. I will have a glass of Mojito. The next one and the very


  • common one pronunciation. People tend to say it pronunciation but it's not pronunciation.


  • It doesn't have - though the word would be pronounce or pronounced with 'noun' however

    這個字不是這樣,雖然這個字動詞是「 pronounce」,發音也常被加入「noun」,不過

  • the word pronunciation is spelt with nun and not noun and the correct way to pronounce


  • is pronunciation just the way it is spelt not pronunciation but pronunciation. Got it?


  • The next one Espresso - espresso, when you are tired, you are feeling really lethargic

    下一個「 Espresso」-濃縮咖啡,累的時候,感到昏沉沉想睡的時候

  • you need a shot of espresso. So that's the coffee shot,right! Many people tend to say


  • it as' expresso' but it's not expresso it doesn't have x in the spelling neither it


  • is pronounced as expresso, the correct pronunciation is just the way it is spelt it is espresso


  • "I will have a shot of espresso" so the next time you are at the coffee shop please don't


  • end up saying expresso the correct pronunciation is Espresso . Now let's have a look at another


  • one etcetera. Etcetera - another word for it is and so on. but the correct pronunciation

    「et cetera」,「Et cetera」,「等等、之類」的另一種說法,正確的發音是

  • is Etcetera. That's the short form of it ETC people tend to pronounce it as Etcetera the

    「Ec cetera」,ETC是它的縮寫,大家常唸成「Et cetera」

  • correct pronunciation is Etcetera which means and so on. So I would like to buy bag,clothes,shoes

    正確的唸法是「Et cetera」,意思是「...等等」,我要去買袋子、衣服、鞋子...等等

  • etc. And then the last one is hierarchy so if you belong to the corporate world people

    最後一個字是「Hierarchy 」(等級制度),假如你屬於某個公司,大家

  • tend to say what's the hierarchy of this company? But it's not hierarchy but it is hierarchy

    常會問說這個公司的制度如何? 但這個字不是唸成「hierarchy 」,是「hierarchy 」

  • again just the way its spelt that's the way it has to be pronounced. People tend to mispronounce


  • it, people tend to pronounce it as hierarchy but that's incorrect.

    把它唸成「hierarchy 」,這是不對的

  • These are the most common words that people tend to mispronounce. Now you know what's


  • the correct pronunciation so go ahead ,do not make a mistake and if someone else is


  • making a mistake please do try to correct them. I will be back with a new lesson till then take care


Hi Friends I am Niharika. English is the most widely spoken language. But at times people



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