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Hey guys! It's Kim Dao here and welcome back to my channel.
So today I have an exciting announcement to tell you guys!
So I was on a Japanese TV show called Tokyo Extra
I went around Haneda Airport~
And I just showed you guys what is really good around Haneda airport
what you can eat, what you can do there etc
It was super fun so I decided to vlog the day~
You can watch the show on Youtube
which I'll link in the description box below~
And I am also doing a live show
for the TV show which is airing on TV tomorrow
so if you watch the TBS channel it will be on there!
So I'll link everything in the description box below for you guys to check out!
But anyway! I have a quick announcement to make before I start this vlog
So I am having a meetup in Japan with Sunnydahye
and it's going to be on the 9th of January!
And it will be in front of the Meiji Jingu Shrine, so to get there
I will put a map in the description box below~
It's really easy to get there because the gates are really big
and it's in front of the Meiji Jingu station for the subway
if you take the JR you can get to Harajuku station.
So we'll be there for 3pm, and I'm not sure how long we will be there for
maybe for about 1-2 hours. So if you guys have time, please come along and meet us!
And also just to let you guys know, I do have a PO box in Japan now!
So if you want to send me anything, the address is in the description box below!
But anyway! I'm just going to start the vlog now so hope you guys enjoy!
So for breakfast I'm going to have an onigiri
and this is an ume onigiri which is a Japanese plum
it's just a really good snack to bring along with you.
Alright guys~ I'm at Haneda airport now
and I'm just going to walk to the place I'm going to meet them
I don't really come to Haneda airport often
so I'm really excited to explore the airport
and to see what it can offer you guys!
I didn't have time to eat this in the morning so I'm going to eat it now!
I'm just waiting for people to come so I'm just going to eat an onigiri before we start
So we are just in the middle of filming the TV show
it's been really cool so far
I've never done anything like this before so I feel a bit noobish
but it's really fun!
We're just gonna walk around Haneda airport and just kinda show what you can do around here.
I've only been to Haneda airport once
and when I came here it was really new
and there was nothing here so it's changed so much, it's really nice!
Got this bridge here and apparently it's the most famous bridge in Japan
and they just rebuilt it so it's really cool!
and we just got like all these images from the Edo period
so this amazing guys, look at this!
there's like... lanterns around here!
so this area here... people write their wishes here
so if you go up closer~
everyone has been writing their wishes on there
so I'm going to write one as well for the TV show!
you buy one from here~
so going to pick one of those... I think they are all the same
so I'm going to get one of these and I'm going to write a wish
So I wrote a wish here~
I wrote for health and happiness for my family and friends
and for sucess for my boyfriend!
I really do miss everyone and I hope that they are well back in Australia
so now we are at Hello Kitty!
And there are so many cute things! we are just going to do a bit of filming in there
I'm just in front of the Hello Kitty store, there is a Hello Kitty right there, it's so cute right?
We just had a look at the souveniers, there are so many awesome souveniers here!
We are just walking around and filming still
and it's really fun so far!
I got to see a lot of things at Haneda airport that I never knew existed.
right now we are going through the food area, it looks like there are a lot of cool restaurants in here!
We're doing some filming down here and we're going to go to this restaurant to eat!
so apparently they want me to eat the creamy stuff
so I think that's the one they want me to eat
This one here looks so amazing!
All the food in Japan... I love how they have all these samples!
outside the resaurant so you know exactly what you're gonna get!
I'm really glad I've been able to experience new things ever since I've been to Japan!
I told myself every opportunity that comes my way I will take it!
Apparently we are going into the starry cafe! The planetarium!
So right now I'm in the Planetarium cafe
in Haneda airport
this is amazing! It's such a relaxing place
So we just finished inside the Starry Cafe!
I don't think you can see that... but
it was amazing there! It was a Planetarium cafe
I've never been inside one of those before
But you just sit down and enjoy your coffee~
So right now it seems like we are getting some food! I'm really hungry right now so it's perfect!
can't wait!!
So it seems like I'm going to have a cream udon
which is going to be really cool, I've never had cream udon before
and I love creamy stuff!!
They were filming me eating this udon and it was absolutely amazing!!
so as you can see here it's really really creamy and it has mentaiko in it!
it's really really delicious!
Alright guys! I am out on the observation deck
and it looks amazing! There was like a really nice sunset
The colours were like pink and blue in the sky
It was so much fun today! Was such a good experience
So I can't wait to see the TV show when it comes out!
It looks like there are a lot of couples here so I feel a bit lonely... but it's ok!
So glad I got a chance to enjoy Haneda airport!
Because usually when I'm at an airport.. I'm usually rushing trying to get to my flight
so I don't miss it! So definitely I'm so happy I was able to come and just experience it!
So I finished the filming, it was a lot of fun and was a great experience!
So now I'm just going to go to Shibuya and I'm just going to meet up with my network
and we're going to have a meeting, so it's going to be really fun because
I haven't met her before
It was such a good experience, I'll definitely do it again if I get the chance to!
So I'm in Shibuya now and it looks like there are a lot of peopel here like usual~
But I got about 2 hours to kill here
So... I'm not sure what I'm going to do, I might sit in Starbucks for 2 hours
and just waste time here~
I'm just about to cross the Shibuya crossing right now
there is a lot of people here usually
I don't know why every single time we cross
there is a lot of people crossing... so I'll show you guys
So many people around here! And this is where you go shopping
I don't really come here that often anymore
But there is a lot of things here if you go to Shibuya
Definitely walk around the smaller streets
they have a lot of food and a lot of cheap shopping around here
So we are going to go in here and eat now~
Gyoza!! My favourite!!
I'm in a restaurant now and I'm with my network I joined
so there's everyone here!!
Welcome to Japan!!
Thank you guys so much for watching and hope you guys enjoyed that!
The TV episode is in the description box below
so please remember to check that out!
and also if you haven't yet, please subscribe to my vlog channel
because I am doing vlogmas on there and I have been uploading
a vlog in Japan every single day so make sure you check that out!
Thumbs up if you liked this video and I'll see you in the next video, byeeeee!!!


Japan Vlog: I'm on JAPANESE TV! | Haneda Airport & Shibuya

1281 分類 收藏
Kim Dao 發佈於 2016 年 1 月 28 日
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