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Big congratulations on the brilliant show -Thank you.
And the stunning venue. -Thank you.
I meant it all started because actually Coach has a stronger connection to the
High Line and l love the story of the High Line.
It's a story like optimism and joy.
you know, and I think Coach has always had a strong connection and has supported the High Line
So I really wanted our first Coach show to have connected to the High Line
So that's really where the idea came from.
And actually right behind us, it's where new Coach headquarters has been built.
So it all kind of make sense some work together.
Can you share us with some concepts of this?
Yeah, It was really, I meant, it's about exploring what makes Coach different.
It's a lot of references to American style
And you know it's a nostalgia to a kind of a dreamy romantic American style of the pulse.
But you know also really refilling of the energy of the city of New York City
where so many different cultures combining and youth culture and counter culture.
So it's that idea of using our heritage as the touchstone, but really kind of bold in that and in forward.
Clothing is very new for Coach.
So I want people to understand what they can come to Coach for, you know, what our brand means.
So I think it'ts important to be consistent
And we know this year it's the Coach's 75th anniversary. -Yeah.
And you're the 20th creative director of Coach. -Yes.
So which kind of destination are you going to meet the Coach to?
I want it to meet it's about exploring what makes Coach unique
You know it's also about exploring what the next generation
what luxuries are gonna meet the next generation
So I think it's really forward to look forward and to always keep challenging
As a creative director, I always challenge myself, it's about the next generation
That's why inspires me.
Thanks for your time. -Thank you.




67111 分類 收藏
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