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  • Yokoso Peeps! It's Oz! today talking to you about my trip to Toronto. Canada is a wonderful country.

  • The people, the places, a huge land mass with only 32 million people

  • lot of things to see and a lot of things to do as well. Canada is not a perfect place

  • we did bring you Celine Dion Justin Bieber and Ted Cruz. Sorry America. But we also make up for it with free health

  • care

  • Justin Trudeau and Maple syrup.I'm gonna give you some reasons why you should consider Toronto and canada as one

  • of your future destinations for vacation

  • So I went back to my hometown during the Christmas vacation only for about eight days I got to try a good

  • interesting foods that I hadn't tried for a long time

  • The Keg is actually a steakhouse chain However the one in the mansion has probably the most elegant and amazing looking decor

  • The place was fancy, the food was good overall it was a good experience

  • Also, I went to Marche. I think is a chain originally from Holland it's a restaurant that has many kinds of foods and many kinds of

  • stands you walk around and you choose whatever you want and they charge it on

  • to a credit card type of thing and then you pay at the end when you leave

  • And this is definitely one of my favorite restaurants since I was a child. It's not expensive at all and it's a very fun atmosphere

  • I also went to a lot of fast food not to expensive places and one of my favorites is Jimmy the Greek.

  • The gyros dinner is really cheap filling and delicious I went to

  • Taco Bell which I know people wouldn't consider a nice restaurant or good food but

  • if you haven't been there for five years to get a craving. every morning I went to Tim Horton's and I either had

  • donut or some kind of bagel with cream cheese combo with hash browns and I had a lot of

  • English toffee and french vanilla and ice cappaccino's as well even though it was winter.

  • I was in Toronto just over a week I was visiting family and friends so I didn't have too much time to do tourist

  • stuff but I did check out some interesting places I recommend

  • Niagara Falls probably the most famous place in Canada one of the seven wonders of the world its awesome, it was amazing

  • because it wasn't this cold this winter None of the falls were ice yet. At night was the light up so it's really

  • beautiful. Near the falls there is also a place called Clifton Hills. Has a lot restaurants, interesting museums and I checked out movieland

  • I also went to the CN tower. I used to work there for about five years so I don't need to go up but I

  • I do like the surrounding area I went to Nathan Phillip Square to check out the skating

  • I was really impressed. It looks a lot different than I remember especially with the big colorful Toronto sign.

  • I went to Kensington Market and I met my friend Brian who you probably remember from my videos from when he used to live with me in Japan.

  • I walked around and saw a lot of places in downtown. I went to the Queen Street West area, I went to Gerrard Street Indian area is, I went to Chinatown and I even went to the Danforth where Greek Town is.

  • The third reason why I think you should go to Toronto especially Japanese people is the shopping. See in Japan Victoria Secret's is not available unless you order it from the Japanese Victoria secret's online. which is over priced.

  • So Yoko was in shock that everything was so cheap and on top of that, it was boxing week! So she went crazy. We went to the Eaton Center like five

  • times it was a lot of different shops like Guess and other brand names including VS and Pink.

  • We went to visit my friend Karim and he lives in the East side so we also went to Scarborough Town Centre and of course we shopped around there for awhile. Especially looking at VS and Pink. Again

  • And then went to the area where my parents and my sister live and went to a mall there Called Fairview Mall

  • Once again the main purpose of that was to go to victoria secret and pink again.

  • I think I went to Victoria Secret's and Pink shop about eight or nine

  • times in that week. Not many guys can say they have done that

  • overall the trip was fun but there's just something that wanted to mention that Yoko mentioned to me.

  • I just wanna tell you some things that shocked her or that she thought was interesting.

  • The food is a lot bigger portions. The hamburgers, the subway sandwiches, the bagels and all the

  • different dishes that we went to the restaurant we ate is really huge portions

  • probably double of Japan

  • Same with the drinks are a lot bigger.She ordered a small coffee from 7-11 but it was the size of a grande at Starbucks in Japan

  • She was shocked at the highways and the streets and how wide they were and how many lanes there was.

  • And compared to Tokyo she felt like Toronto was a ghost town. Granted it was Christmas

  • vacation so a lot of places were closed and not a lot of people out and about but

  • it's still pretty empty compared to the streets of Tokyo. she also noticed that Canadians are a lot

  • taller and wider than japanese people and she also noticed especially the girls

  • dress a lot more casual or a lot more sporty than the girls in Japan. She thought the money was cuter but more complicated.

  • She thought the service was a little slow and not so efficient but it was

  • laid back so she kinda liked that part of it. I think the biggest shock to her was that Canada was so multicultural.

  • So yah, next time your on vacation definitely check out Toronto. The city To Ron To

  • Get it?

  • Yah, that was bad.

  • Well anyway that's it for today. Thanks for watching! Don't forget to thumbs and and share this video if you liked it.

  • Leave any comments you want and if you haven't already, subscribe! Because my videos are awesome! Ozzy Awesome!

  • take care. See you next time! Peace!

Yokoso Peeps! It's Oz! today talking to you about my trip to Toronto. Canada is a wonderful country.


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