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  • Hey, everyone! Welcome to this new 2-minute Japan video!

    大家好!歡迎收看新的 2 分鐘日本影片。

  • Since the last video was pretty gruesome,


  • (Don't show it again...)


  • I decided that this time, I'm going to show you some really delicious food!


  • A few weeks back, I had a shooting with Yummy Japan to a really nice restaurant in Nogizaka called Torikou. Their specialty is yakitori!

    幾周前,我和 Yummy Japan 一起拍攝了一個節目,去了野木坂一家很不錯的餐廳 「鳥居」。 它們的特色是串燒!

  • Witness for the first time a 2-minute Japan episode in HD!

    首次見證 2 分鐘日本影片高清化!

  • Of course, it's gonna be switching with this shitty quality.


  • This place is a little bit different than your usual yakitori shop; it's really really elegant.


  • There are all kinds of wines there. The wine menu was pretty big, and since I am French, I really like the French wine which was very delicious.


  • [French] So cliche.

    [法文] 好陳腔濫調。

  • One of the chefs at Torikou, Kenta Yokoyama, told me everything there is to know about eating yakitori.

    Torikou 主廚之一的橫山健太告訴我關於吃串燒的所有知識。

  • 'Cause yes, there's a way!


  • You always eat the yakitori from the stick; you don't take it out with your fxxking chopsticks, otherwise, it will taste like shit.


  • I don't know about the rest of the world but in France, when you eat yakitori, you always find the same kind of yakitori: cheese yakitori, meatball.


  • Here... is very different.


  • I tried something that looked like a tomato. It turned out it was the fxxking chicken's ******


  • But it was delicious!


  • That's really really good. It tastes like egg and it's very... like, melty?

    真的很好吃,味道就像雞蛋一樣而且很... 入口即化?

  • So that's it for today's video! If you wanna eat delicious yakitori in Tokyo, please go check it out!


  • It's a little bit more expensive than regular yakitori shops, but, boy, it's really really good.


  • Please hit the like button if you really enjoyed this video; subscribe if you want some more, and I'll be seeing you very soon for another 2-minute Japan video.

    如果你喜歡這支影片的話,請按讚,並且訂閱看更多影片,我很快就會在另一支 2 分鐘日本影片見到你。

  • Bye bye!


  • Aaa...knees hurt.

    啊... 膝蓋疼。

Hey, everyone! Welcome to this new 2-minute Japan video!

大家好!歡迎收看新的 2 分鐘日本影片。

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日本最好吃的串燒餐廳 (Tokyo's most delicious Yakitori Restaurant: Torikou フランス人が認めた最高の焼き鳥)

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