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  • The controversy surrounding a Taiwanese member of a K-pop girl-group continues.

  • The teenage pop star waved a Taiwanese flag on a Korean TV show and has sparked a cross-Strait

  • political row. Park Ji-won reports.

  • It all started with a waving of Taiwanese flag on a Korean entertainment program,...

  • after 16-year old K-pop group member Tzu-yu,.. born and raised in Taiwan,... introduced her

  • homeland to the Korean viewers. It was innocuous enough to Koreans,... but

  • not to Chinese viewers. The Taiwanese flag is considered a symbol

  • of Taiwan's pro-independence movement,... the teenage pop star released a video apology

  • last Friday,... saying she feels deep remorse for her actions,... and stressed there is

  • only one China. The K-pop star's agency JYP also released

  • an apology statement the same day,.saying the agency was not prudent enough with regards

  • to the sensitivity of the matter.

  • Taiwanese citizens expressed anger over the teenage singer's apology on the day of its

  • presidential election a day after the video was uploaded.

  • It became a main issue during the election over the weekend,... and analysts said the

  • flag row may have widened the main opposition's victory margin by some one percent.

  • The main opposition party is skeptical about closer ties with Beijing,... gaining a majority

  • in the parliament for the first time.

  • "We need to make sure the world realizes that there is nothing wrong with waving the Taiwanese

  • flag. It's not something that should be condemned."

  • With the flag-row deepening,... Taiwanese citizens are organizing a massive protest

  • on Sunday,... and about 10-thousand people have expressed willingness to join the movement.

  • Amid the controversy, the official website of JYP,.. Taiwanese teen's Korean agency,...

  • was hacked over the weekend. The website remains down,... and the agency

  • says at the moment, does not know the source of the cyber attack.

  • Park Ji-won, Arirang News.

The controversy surrounding a Taiwanese member of a K-pop girl-group continues.


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臺灣Kpop組合成員掀起兩岸政治風波 (Taiwanese Kpop group member sets off cross-Strait political row)

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