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  • And pay his dues all over again as a fledgling puppeteer.

  • [ clears throat ] hello, ladies and gentlemen, I'm john malkovich.

  • It's-- it's the-- I miss--

  • I'm really john malkovich. [ giggling ]

  • [ narrator ] from these inauspicious beginnings,

  • John malkovich's rise to stardom was fast and furious.

  • His breakout performance occurred at this year's emmy awards--

  • [ narration continues ] it's really good ! I look really amazing.

  • I'd fuck me.

  • If there's anything that upsets me about it,

  • It's feeling like if I move into it too quickly,

  • I'll be, you know, deemed an imitator.

  • But, um, I think that once we all get the courage...

  • To just follow through on our instincts, like malkovich has,

  • I think that, uh, a lot of us will move into puppetry.

  • [ narrator ] malkovich's rise to fame brought about a renaissance in puppeteering.

  • No, no, no. What are you doing ? What are you doing ?

  • - I'm making him weep, john. - You're making him weep, but you are not weeping.

  • Don't ever-- [ beep ] with your audience.

  • Until the-- the puppet becomes...

  • An extension of you, it's a novelty act.

  • It's, uh-- it's topo gigio.

  • No ?

  • [ man ] he's a technical genius.

  • He breathes life into inanimate objects.

  • It's a very godlike thing...

  • To be able to take something and, you know, make it live.

  • [ narrator ] he was the talk of the town...

  • From the beltway to broadway,

  • Aided in no small part by his new wife and manager, maxine lund.

  • In maxine, malkovich had found his mentor,

  • His muse, his inspiration.

  • In malkovich, maxine had found the love of her life.

  • [ panting ] there, there, my dear. Relax.

  • This travesty will all be over with by morning.

  • And the crowds have been absolutely sensational,

  • And, um, I'd just like to thank god for giving us this opportunity...

  • To share our creative vision.

  • [ narrator ] nothing was impossible for john and maxine in the early days.

  • Their union was a joyous one, and together they worked tirelessly...

  • To further malkovich's puppeteering career.

And pay his dues all over again as a fledgling puppeteer.


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作為約翰-馬爾科維奇(10/11)電影剪輯 - 約翰-馬爾科維奇成為一個木偶師(1999)HD (Being John Malkovich (10/11) Movie CLIP - John Malkovich Becomes a Puppeteer (1999) HD)

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