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  • and you talked about the ten thousand hour rule that is not just a

  • matter of well this person is genius this personal has amazing ability

  • it is actual practice and hard work

  • you know it's all a bunch of group of really brilliant psychologists in a in

  • the field of expertise research

  • have sat down and tried to figure out how long do you have to work at something

  • before you become really good

  • and the answer seems to be it's an extraordinary consistent answer in an incredible

  • number of fields and that is you need to practice to of apprenticed for ten

  • thousand hours before you get good

  • so every great classical composer without exception composes for at least

  • ten years before they write the master work. Mozart, ten..

  • Mozart is composing at eleven but he's composing

  • garbage at eleven I mean he doesn't produce something great until he is

  • 22 or 23 concerto No.9 I think 271

  • if i ask you how long did it take you when you were doing this job before you felt

  • comfortable and good at what you're doing? -10 years. -Same with me.

  • It's an incredibly consistent finding and it's really important because it says

  • that we are far too impatient with people

  • when we assess whether someone has got what it takes to

  • do a certain job we always want to

  • make that assessment for after six months or a year or...

  • and that's ridiculous you know the kinds of jobs we have people do today are

  • sufficiently complex that they require a long time to reach mastery what we

  • should be doing is setting up institutions and structures that allow

  • people to spend the time and effort to reach mastery not judging them

  • prematurely. What is the take away? What is the lesson for people

  • who want to be more successful? And what is

  • in some ways it's a good news that

  • they don't have to be geniuses

  • yeah i know i've been, you know, I'm very anxious at this book not be seen

  • as a self-help book but be seen as a kind of community help book because lots

  • of the thing but I really want people to do is start thinking about

  • how can we as a society build

  • institutions that provide opportunities to work hard. -It's fascinating

  • Thank you very much

and you talked about the ten thousand hour rule that is not just a


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TED Malcolm Gladwell 一萬小時成功理論 @新浪公開課 (TED Malcolm Gladwell 一万小时成功理论 @新浪公开课)

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