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So today... I'm gonna be eating something
super gross that I hate, like this.
What is it?
Looks like pigskin that's over-fried.
It's, like, grits and meat.
Smells good.
I want to eat it!
It smells like chicken and it looks like a sausage.
Now I want sausage.
Okay, there's no bad smell.
That means there's gonna be a bad taste.
It's always one or the other.
I think this is haggis.
I've seen haggis before. I haven't eaten it.
They get the guts and everything,
and they put it in a lamb stomach.
I think that'll taste good.
And now it's time to eat it.
Oh my god.
I'd like to make a toast to the Fine Bros
for cooking this amazing dish.
Soup's on.
Soup's off.
This is good.
Hmm...that's good.
Wow! This is really good.
It's actually not that bad.
I actually like it.
(sighs) Just do it.
I mean, it doesn't taste bad, so just keep going.
Hoo! I can do this!
It tastes like all these meat combined together.
They're, like, soft enough to bite through
but hard enough so that they're not falling apart.
I thought it would taste actually better than I thought it was.
I don't know what it is, but it tastes really, really good.
You just tried haggis. - Haggis?
Haggis? Never heard of it.
Is that like a habit or like a hobbit?
Haggis is usually made out of sheep organs,
like hearts and livers, which are mixed together
with oatmeal, spices, and fat. ( I'm done )
Finally, they wrap it all up in a sheep's stomach
to let it cook. ( I'm never eating this thing again! )
Oh my god! Oh my god!
Never mind about this. I am not eating that anymore.
Liver and...
eww, that's gross!
It tasted good, but now I'm just ready to puke.
Do you recommend people try haggis?
Yeah, it's not bad.
I do.
It sounds weird. It looks weird. It feels weird. But it's good.
No! Do not try haggis. It's made of animal intestines!
It tastes better than you think-- it looks.
No. No. No.
No. I wouldn't recommend people eating this.
I know it's made out of stuff that's not appropriate for kids.
But that is still very gross!
And still very good.
Thanks for watching this episode of Kids vs. Food
What food should we eat next? Let us know in the comments.
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Goodbye! I gotta go eat some more sheep organs!



【可愛爆笑】來看看小孩試吃蘇格蘭經典料理:肉餡羊肚的反應! (KIDS vs. FOOD - HAGGIS) (KIDS vs. FOOD - HAGGIS)

10804 分類 收藏
Emily 發佈於 2016 年 1 月 23 日    Emily 翻譯    Loïc 審核
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