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I've always been the type of lady to go after what I want.
Aye boy, you wanna, you wanna, I got you a present.
You good looking boy you wanna come home with me?
Can I be your mom?
Look, if, if I were you mom, I'd shower you with gifts.
Come on! Hey, hey, come here!
I was talking to a friend the other day,
who told me,
I have been trying to send him signals,
but I just don't think he's picking up on them.
Why don't you just ask him out?
Good one.
Oh, you're serious.
Oh, no, no. I can't do that.
Well, I mean...
Now, I've always aggressively chased the boys that I've liked.
When I was a kid,
I would make it abundantly clear if I like-liked you.
(To Devin)
(I like-like you. If you like-like me back buy me a pizza.)
As an adult, my habits haven't really changed.
That's a cute picture of me huh.
I was a kid, yeah. Good-looker.
But I've been surprised to find out that
a lot of my female friends are very reluctant to ask guys out.
When I ask them about it, they have all kinds of excuses.
I don' know. Guys love to chase.
I'm not aggro like you, Anna.
I don't think I can handle that kind of rejection.
So ladies, I have three very good reasons why you should ask the next guy out.
One. What's the worst that could happen?
He says no.
So What? Rejection is not the end of the world.
And that kind of pressure is something that
guys face every single time they wanna ask a woman out.
Two. Time.
I don't know about you,
but when I'm crushing on someone
I waste so much time fantasizing about what their butts looks like.
Just ask them out. Get some answers. Get that butt.
Three. Missed opportunities.
Look, putting yourself out there and putting your feelings out there
is very vulnerable, and scary. It's a hard thing to do.
But some guys are maybe too shy to ever do that.
So imagine, all of the missed loves that you never had because you're both too afraid to approach each other.
Plus, think about how much easier this would make the whole dating process.
If you aren't asking people out, you're basically sitting around, waiting for someone to come find you.
You wanna know how Brad and I started dating?
I asked him out.
I hit him up on Facebook.
and I said, "Hey, I think you're cute and I'd like to take you out to dinner."
And we ended up chatting about his childhood ferrets til 4 a.m.
But, I've also been rejected, a lot,
throughout the years by guys who, either didn't like how
aggressive I was or didn't like me as a person
or didn't find me attractive or, I don't know.
They don't always tell me.
So, who knows?
Go out there, lady friends.
I implore you.
And the next time you see a cutie,
hit him up.
I'd like to ask you out, um, with this, here.
That's present for you, cause I think you're real cute,
and I wanna show you that I like you,
and I want to cuddle.
Thanks so much for Loot Crate for sponsoring today's video.
For those of you who don't know, Loot Crate creates cool subscription boxes
and have a new theme every month.
It's like a surprise present to yourself, or to your kitties.
You have until the 19th of the month to order
because they all ship out at the end of the month.
and you can order just one crate,
or subscribe to the gift that keeps on giving.
So I got December's galaxy theme to Loot Pets box,
which, I've never unboxed anything before,
so this is exciting.
Aw that's cute!
Uh, that came with galactic snaps. Freeze-dried beef liver snacks for dogs.
I've got four cats, so maybe they can eat that even though they're not dogs.
Oh, they got a pet collar.
That looks kinda futuristic.
We got a new bowl.
That's perfect cause we have broke a bowl the other day.
It's a Firefly Troublemaker ceramic pet bowl. Very cool.
Oh my god, this is a sweater. Is this a sweater?
It's a tank top. Oh my god!
They have their own magazine, and it's a Pug.
January's theme is invasion.
You can sign up by clicking on the link below in my video description.
And don't forget to sign up by the 19th at 9pm Pacific to get January's crate.



【Anna Akana】為什麼女生該勇敢追愛 (Why Girls Should Ask Guys Out)

86487 分類 收藏
Vanessa Hsieh 發佈於 2018 年 3 月 22 日    Vanessa Hsieh 翻譯    Kristi Yang 審核


從小到大身邊的朋友大部分是男追女,女追男的比例較少,就讓 Anna 在這支影片告訴你,女生應該主動出擊的 3 個理由!

vulnerable 意思為「易受攻擊的」、「脆弱的」,指生理或心理上易遭受影響或傷害,它的反義字為 invulnerable「無懈可擊的」,表示「堅不可摧、很難被打倒」的意思。
Everyone must be on guard against scams, but seniors can sometimes be vulnerable to fraud.

【TED-Ed】保護我們壯麗且脆弱的珊瑚礁 - Conserving our spectacular, vulnerable coral reefs - Joshua Drew

2hit someone up2:22
hit someone up 不是字面上的「打人」哦!而是「聯繫某人」的意思,可以透過打電話、寄 email、或是在 Facebook 私訊都行,例如 hit him up on Facebook 「用臉書聯絡他」。
You should hit up Annie to see if she has time.

approach 作動詞表示「接近」,就是去接近、靠近某個東西,對於人的話則是「接近某人和他交談」,另外作名詞解釋時,則有「途徑」的含義,可用做對於事情或問題解決方法。
Three basic appraisal methods that are global recognized are  the cost approach, income approach, and market approach.

你的心是否也住著一隻黑狗?牠名叫憂鬱 (I Had A Black Dog: His Name was Depression)

4sit around2:15
sit around 的意思可以是字面上「圍坐」,例如 sit around the table,但也可表示「無所事事」,形容閒坐在那裡什麼事也不做,像影片中提到的 sit around,即表示空坐在那等待別人來找你。
You cannot just sit around in an organization waiting for people to promote you.

implore 的意思是「懇求」,implore someone 即表示拜託某人,與 beg 同樣有拜託含義,不過 implore 比 beg 更為真誠、迫切希望的感覺。
I implore you to write something. At least tell me you're alive.

如果妳也覺得被拒絕沒什麼大不了,或是想把握時間、主動追尋真愛,那就照 Anna 的建議試試看吧!

文/ Carol Chen




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