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  • I just want to talk about the beard for a minute because it's quite something. And how long did it take you to grow it, first of all.


  • It was six months, and then I think I had it for an additional year after that.


  • - Mm-hmm. And how did people treat you? - There's the shot of me.

    - 嗯哼,其他人有什麼反應?- 這裡有一張我的照片。

  • No, that's... no, that's not what it was during the movie, right?


  • - That's cleaned up. - No, that was it.

    - 這是清理過的。 - 不,這個就是。

  • Oh, really? Well, then it didn't look like that in the movie. It... it... maybe it's, 'cause there was so much ice on it, too. 'Cause it was always frozen.

    - 喔真的嗎?好吧,它看起來不像電影裡那樣。可能是因為電影裡的鬍子上面有很多冰,因為總是很冷。

  • That was actually wax.


  • She... I had a fantastic makeup artist in this movie who did all the stuff from the bear mauling, and it was wax that she dribbled all over my face every day.

    她... 這齣電影的化妝師很棒,跟熊打鬥的場景都是她負責的,然後她每天都往我整個臉上滴蠟。

  • It was about a four to five hour makeup job every day with all the scars.


  • - So again, it was just a joy, the whole experience. -Yeah.

    - 像我剛剛說的,這是一個很有趣的經驗。- 沒錯。

  • But now see, you're growing it back again or something. Or are you just gonna keep it at that level?


  • - A light stubble. I'm keeping it at a light stubble. - A light stubble? - Yeah.

    - 短鬚,我都保持在短鬚的長度。- 短鬚?- 沒錯。

  • - Do you like wearing a beard? - I don't think I'll ever have a beard like that ever again. Unless it's for a role. But yeah, it's hard to maintain.

    - 你喜歡留鬍子嗎?- 我不覺得我還會再留那樣的鬍子,除非角色需求 ,但沒錯,那很難保養。

  • It's just... stuff gets in there, you know; you're eating and then food falls in, and you're...


  • Right. And you have to shampoo it, right?


  • You have to shampoo it, yeah.


  • And do you put conditioner in it?


  • - I did. I did put conditioner... - 'Cause you'd want it to be soft.

    - 我會,我會用... - 因為想讓鬍子變柔軟。

  • - You do want it to be soft. - Right.

    - 確實是會想要它變柔軟的。- 沒錯。

  • Otherwise it gets like a Brillo pad.


  • And can you... yes. And who wants to feel that?

    - 你可以... 沒錯,誰會想要那樣?

  • - Who wants it? - And when you... when you have food in it, can you tell?

    - 誰想要鋼絲鬍子? - 然後當你... 當你鬍子裡面有食物的時候,你能察覺嗎?

  • It's very visible, yeah. Very visible.


  • I mean, no, but if you don't have a mirror, sometimes do you feel like you've walked around and there's been food in your beard?


  • - Well, if you have good enough friends, they notify you if you have mustard on your beard or something like that. - Right.

    - 嗯,如果你跟朋友夠好,你鬍子裡有東西時他們會跟你說你的鬍子有芥末之類的。- 沒錯。

  • They let you know.


  • All right. Just checking.


  • So, you've always been like a daredevil, but you've done... I think I've talked to you about you swim with sharks, or you have.

    你是一個不怕死的人,但你有做過... 我應該有講過關於你跟鯊魚游泳,或是曾經有。

  • - Yeah. - And you've jumped out of an airplane. - Yeah.

    - 是的。 - 還有你從飛機上跳下來。 - 是的。

  • - On a regular basis, or... - I only did that once.

    - 很常嗎,還是... - 我只有做過一次。

  • - Once. Will you do it again? - When you're... when both parachutes don't open, you tend to not go repeat something like that, yeah.

    - 一次。你還想再做一次嗎?- 當你... 當兩個降落傘都打不開的時候,你不會想再經歷一次這種事情。

  • - What are you talking about? Well, then, how'd you get down?

    - 什麼意思?那你是怎麼降落的?

  • I had... I jumped out of the airplane, and then my first chute didn't open.

    - 我從飛機上跳下來,然後第一個降落傘打不開。

  • They cut... it's tandem, so somebody's on your back; they cut that line.

    他們把... 那是縱排的,所以有人在你背後跟你一起,他們把線剪斷。

  • We've started free-falling towards Earth, and that's when you get the, you know, 8x10 glossies of your whole life flashing before your eyes.

    我們就開始自由落體,接下來,你知道你的人生就像 8x10 的照片閃過你眼前。

  • And then, the second one was tangled as well, and I saw my friends sort of popping off with their, you know, their parachutes, and I'm still plummeting towards planet Earth.


  • And... and then that was tangled for about a good, I don't know, 20, 30 seconds, and then he untangled it, and then he told me,


  • "Oh, you're probably gonna break your legs now because thiswe're going too fast."


  • So it was one of the worst experiences of my life, and I'll never do it again.


  • And did you break your legs?


  • - I did not break my legs. - Wow.

    - 我沒有摔斷腿。 - 哇。

  • -So, he's whispering in your ear... or yelling in your... - He was screaming. - Screaming in your...

    - 那他是在你耳邊小聲地說還是大吼?- 他大叫。 - 在你... 大叫。

  • [whispering] "Break your leg."

    [小聲說] 「摔斷你的腿。」

  • [whispering] "You're gonna break your legs."

    [小聲說] 「你會摔斷腿。」

  • [screaming] "What? I can't hear you."

    [大叫] 「什麼?我聽不到。」

  • Wow, that's just horrible.


  • So, what's the scariest thing you've ever done?


  • I was on a plane to Russia, and the engine exploded.


  • I was looking out the window and the entire engine just turned into a fireball.


  • - It was right after Sully had that incident happen to him where the geese flew into both engines. - Right, and he landed on the river.

    - 剛好在薩利機長發生那件事情之後,就是有鵝飛進去兩個引擎。- 對,然後它降落在河上。

  • Yeah. This happened in one of the engines, and I was the only person there that seemed to see this, but it was a flaming fireball, and it was all Russian passengers, and

    - 對。其中一個引擎就是這樣,而且我似乎是唯一一個發現這件事的人,但它是一個燃燒的火球,然後飛機上都是俄羅斯乘客,然後——

  • I kinda felt like I'd already died and gone to heaven 'cause no one said anything.


  • And I was screaming at the top of my lungs saying, "What the hell is going on here?"


  • And the people just kinda looked back at me and the stewardess came out and said, "We seem to have a slight problem here."

    然後大家往後看我,然後空少出來之後說 :「好像出了點小狀況。」

  • And the Russian guy finally said, "What is the problem?"


  • And he said, "Well, we... we lost one of our engines."


  • And he sa--he goes, "How many engines did we have?"


  • He goes, "Well, we had two. Now we have one."


  • And... he proceeded to say, "That is not... that is not good. That is not good."

    然後... 他繼續說:「這... 不太妙,這很不妙。」

  • And we basically dumped fuel for 45 minutes and did an emergency landing, and all our tires exploded and there was a hundred different ambulances there, and it was on CNN; that was another bummer.

    之後我們大概放油放了四十五分鐘,然後緊急降落,所有的輪胎都爆炸了,那裏有大概一百台救護車 等著,這件事有上過 CNN,那又是另一件壞事了。

  • - Wow. Oh, my God. That's incredible.

    - 哇,我的天啊,太不可置信了。

  • - I feel like I should write a book now. - Yeah, well, no, I'm gonna write it.

    - 我覺得我應該出本書。- 對阿,欸不,應該是我來。

I just want to talk about the beard for a minute because it's quite something. And how long did it take you to grow it, first of all.


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