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So in the Force Awakens we all know that Kylo Ren
is obsessed with his grandfather, Darth Vader.
And we see him speaking to Vader's burnt up mask.
But how did he come into possession of it in the first place?
The short story Perfect Weapon may provide us with some answers.
That story focuses on Bazine Natal, who you might recognize as the First Order agent that turns in our heroes at Maz Kanata's fortress.
In the story Bazine is hired by a mysterious figure to retrieve a specific package.
It is very Mission Impossible. She gets the mission from a droid with a recording that then self-destructs after delivering it.
So, her job takes her to this old, run-down, psychiatric institute that used to be the home for a bunch of retired Storm Troopers
who are long since dead by the time she gets there.
She finds the package in the room of former Storm Trooper Captain named Jor Tribulus.
and we know that he was a Captain at the Battle of Endor.
So she retrieves the package and delivers it to her mysterious client.
I believe, even though we don't get to see what's inside the package, it is very Pulp Fiction that way.
I believe that that package was Darth Vader's helmet because since we know that Tribulus was at Endor during the destruction of the second Death Star
I think that after the battle he stumbled upon Darth Vader's funeral pyre and decided to keep himself a little souvenir.
So then he keeps the helmet through all of these years until Bazine retrieves it and gives it to her client.
Who I assume is Kylo Ren.
Now of course all of this is just speculation, but its very heavily implied.
Perfect Weapon was a part of the journey to The Force Awakens story line
and I really love the way they did that.
That they answer some of these smaller questions we have about The Force Awakens by dropping hints in these other little stories.
I really hope they continue to do that for Episodes VIII and IX, and even the spin-off movies.
I really think its fun picking apart these little hints and piecing them together to make the full story.
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As always, thank you for watching and may the Force be with you!



【星際大戰】雷恩是如何得到黑武士的鋼盔?(How Kylo Ren Got Darth Vader's Helmet - Star Wars Minute)

7515 分類 收藏
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