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Hey guys! So today is day 2 of vlogmas!
And today I am going out for a meeting~
I'm just about to head out right now to meet Etude House
I can't wait! They're one of my favourite Korean brands
Can't wait to meet them!
And then after that I'm going to meet up with Sharla and Taylor
We're just gonna go out
So I'm just going to go out right now because I'm going to run late if I don't go now!!
I'm just at Etude House
and they just put out all these items
and these are all my favourite makeup items!
Look at all this!
Oh this is the new one!
Snowy Dessert!
That's so cool!
this guys is one of my favourite items!
I'm going to open this up
It smells like...
Oh, red velvet!
Red Velvet Cake~
It smells so nice! This is amazing guys
This is new as well, looks like the Christmas collection
Hey guys I'm at Etude House right now
in their office! I'm just looking at these amazing new items
they've got!
I'm with the staff here as well, they've been super nice to me
I got so lost coming here (lol)
Etude House let your pink out!
Woah!!! Sugoi!
bracelet? It's a bracelet!
Sugoi! Sugoku Kawaii!!
Alright guys I'm in Harajuku now
Just finished my meeting with Etude House, they gave me so much stuff!
I'm just going to meet Taylor and Sharla now
We're just going to hang around Harajuku, and Sharla is going to do my eyebrows for me!
so can't wait for that!
So now I'm in Harajuku with Sharla! and Taylor!
We're all liek vlogging haha
We're going to go to a cafe which is perfect
Because I had half a pancake for breakfast this morning
We're just gonna go walk down Takeshita dori now
get some food!
I can't wait to get my eyebrows done (lol)
So we are going to this gluten free diet... OMG
That looks amazing guys!!
Everything is gluten free, they even have
pasta, ramen, the crepes are also gluten free
I think I'm going to go for crepes!
I'm going to do pizza, maybe chicken and then a crepe
Is that too aggressive?
T: I don't know K: No it's not!
So going to head into the cafe now and eat!
can't wait, I'm so hungry
I love how Japan spells everything wrong
and Becon!
Well I'm going to get this one
I don't know what it is... I'm just going to point to the picture and say I want this one
I'm at the cafe now tiI'm at the cafe now with Sharla and Taylor
Wow!! This is our dessert
Holy crap that's huge!!
S: It's bigger than your head Kim!S: It's bigger than your head Kim!
Actually the banana is really good
I usually don't like bananas but this is really good~
Going to take Purikura now!
So now we are going to a starbucks
Just to have a drink
I actually really like starbucks because we don't have a starbucks where I live
Just in starbucks now waiting for our drinks
But Taylor already got her drink, what did you get?
T:I got the Soy Chai latte
Got our Starbucks
and now we're off to do some makeup shopping!
So we're looking at contact lenses now
and I was thinking of buying them but I need prescription ones
So I might wait a little bit
Alright guys so we're just in a toilet and Sharla is going to do my eyebrows (lol)
This is the most random thing ever
I'm really bad at doing eyebrows
So she is going to try do the straight eyebrow look for me
So I got new eyebrows!
She plucked off the top bit, looks so good!
So funny because I do makeup videos and I don't know how to do my eyebrows
So I had to get Sharla who is a Japan vlogger to do it for me
Thank you so much I love it!
So now we are heading towards a Forever21
and I really want to buy a onesie
because I don't have many pyjamas at home to wear
and it's really cold at night time in my apartment.
Because I don't turn on my heater
So we're just going to head down now!
Hey guys so I am back at home now
I am so tired right now!
So I'm going to go shower and I'm going to go film
my Etude House Haul
I'm actually going to upload that another day
because I know I shouldn't be cheating and stuff but
I don't actually go out every single day in Japan
And on the days I don't go out, of course the vlogs will be super boring
and there's not going to be much to vlog about
Because of that I'll leave the Etude House haul for another day
where I haven't vlogged and I need some content to upload for vlogmas~
Anyway today was super fun, I hung out with Sharla and Taylor
and it was just really fun hanging out with those girls
I really love hanging out with them
And Sharla did my eyebrows for me!
Problem with my eyebrows is that they grow so quickly!
So I had a really high arch here, and Sharla got rid of that which was really awesome
because I really wanted to get rid of that arch
I'm just going to go off now and do my thing~
And shower and that, it's getting late
I'll see you guys in the next video, byee!!!


原宿&新宿購物日記 (Harajuku & Shinjuku Shopping Date | Vlogmas #2 | KimDao in JAPAN)

2062 分類 收藏
Yummy Japan 發佈於 2016 年 1 月 8 日
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