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Hello, this is Anon6k
Yesterday, October 11th, 2014, we took down 15 websites.
We tried for 16 but cyberpolice.cn only went down in 8 countries.
Today we sent another attack on cyberpolice.cn and shut it down completely.
We also hacked multiple databases. We hacked thousands of email, phone numbers, usernames, names, and passwords.
If you want to see them there will be a link in the description. There on a Pastebin so there easily accessible
We are doing this because of what the Hong Kong government is doing to their people.
They're using pepper spray, tear gas, and plastic bullets on peaceful protesters.
I saw a video of an older lady talking to a cop. She went to turn away and he grabbed her arm turned her around and sprayed pepper spray in her eyes.
This is not okay. Hong Kong government, I ask you this:
How would you feel if you were sprayed with pepper spray, hit with tear gas, or shot with plastic bullets?
I know I wouldn't like it.
Knowing me and my anger, I would probably grab the spray, kick the guy in the stomach, and spray him with it.
I guess it's a good thing I'm not in Hong Kong, that would be bad for both of us.
And now a message to America.
How would you feel if this happened to you?
Count yourself lucky you live in America.
Hong Kong doesn't have the freedom we do, but with our freedom, we can help.
And we will do everything in our power to help.
I am an active member of Operation Hong Kong, and we have done so much already.
And we will continue to shutdown websites, hack databases, and do everything else in our power to help.
You are not alone in this fight Hong Kong we stand with you.
We are Anonymous. We are Legion.
United as one, divided by 0.
We do not forgive, and we do not forget.
And Hong Kong government, expect us!


香港銅鑼灣書店 匿名者聲明 (#OpHongKong)

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