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  • What have I learnt

  • that I can say about THIS painting?

  • Well, firstly, it's quite big.

  • Which is excellent.

  • Hm-mm.

  • Because if it was really small - you know, microscopic -

  • then hardly anybody would be able to see it,

  • which would be a tremendous shame.

  • Um, secondly...

  • and I'm getting quite near the end now

  • of this analysis of this painting.

  • Secondly...

  • Why was it worth this man here

  • spending fifty million of your American dollars

  • on this portrait?

  • The answer is...

  • Well, this picture is worth such a lot of money

  • because...

  • it's a picture...

  • of Whistler's MOTHER.

  • And, as I've learnt by staying with my best friend,

  • David Langley, and his family,

  • families are very important.

  • And even though Mr Whistler

  • was perfectly aware

  • that his mother was a hideous old bat

  • who looked like she had a cactus up her backside...

  • he stuck with her,

  • and even took the time to paint this amazing picture of her.

  • It's not just a painting.

  • It's a picture of a mad old cow

  • who he thought the world of.

  • And that's marvellous.

  • That's what I think.

What have I learnt


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Bean (12/12) Movie CLIP - Bean's Analysis (1997) HD (Bean (12/12) Movie CLIP - Bean's Analysis (1997) HD)

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