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is nothing right now man I you know what I love youngsters taking initiative
especially when it comes to looking after the environment is sustainable way
and one youngster name is Rick of these thirteen-year-olds aspired to be a
marine biologist and in the passion for aquaponics grabbed a coupon is an
integrated system where you raised fish Negro plans all in the sink incredibly
complicated system but it works so well in all 22 years she has got a
flourishing business tickets thirteen-year old wrinkly srinagar is
the head girl and Camille 14 primary school cross country athlete choir
member and part of two other school clubs she also rose one of the four
biggest aquaponics businesses in South Africa inspired me was once I watched
movie Dolphin Tale it's something in my head just went off and it was almost
like her long and just scream tree Sri Sri michael kelly's her business is
quite young
having only been in operation for 18 months tending her farm is a normal part
of legalese daily routine in the morning before I go to school I usually property
see if it's inspired if there's stuff I want to workers to do around the day
during the day I write a list and I'll leave it on days and they will do it 5
o'clock when I come back to school are you come back to the fish see if
everything is fine I want to see the work is done
ask them to do during the weekends the returnees very different because then i
working and I'm cleaning and I have to do the water quality taste
it took me about twenty two months to get my farm so we would use today I
can't believe she's getting a lot of interest locally as it provides an
eco-friendly supply of food and doesn't require additional land for farming of
vegetables a win-win situation for poverty-stricken communities and become
self-sustaining challenges facing while running my father is electricity
electricity is really expensive some trying to to get over you get off the
grid by using solar and then also water what's he's an expensive so I'm trying
to recirculating filtered water and other challenges temperatures the
features optimum temperature is run about 27 to 28 degrees so far the donny
has been supportive of his daughters in president vision and even chaperone her
on a week-long agriculture cause she learned the ins and out of the business
the guys down there was a little bit reluctant told him you know somebody
which was only than 12 years old and the guy said to me listen I don't think it's
going to work and I just see it in person this is passion don't kill
charts and he said to me well if you come to chaperone
will make a plan and if it very very well they didn't allow the crime that's
day to everybody's surprise contrary to what people think her father doesn't run
her father Italy's generate enough income to employ an assistant who keeps
an eye on the farm while she's at school in what he wants to accomplish she's got
big dreams I don't think it's necessarily dreams I think it is this
reasonable targets so we'll work with in guiding and mentoring now to get there
in trying to see if we can get the capital for her to be able to do that
economists see time and again that it's entrepreneurship it'll grow the economy
and lead to prosperity for the nation not yet in high school but Italy's
leading the way
showing that age is no barrier to success


一位十三歲女孩的成功魚菜系統 (13 year old’s successful aquaponics & aquaponics business)

661 分類 收藏
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