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  • Announcer: Ah...

  • The Amazing World of Gumball.

  • Known for its inspiring messages of inspiration

  • Gumball: When you believe in yourself

  • you can accomplish anything!

  • Hiyah!

  • Hiyah!

  • Hiyah!

  • Announcer: Its wise wisdom

  • Gumball: Sometimes in life, you make your own luck!

  • Announcer: And its comedic comedy

  • Gumball: It's a butt

  • in an elevator!

  • Announcer: But, there's something else it's known for

  • Darwin: The see-through sack of sweaty cheese!

  • Announcer: No...

  • Its singable songs!

  • Awesome songs like this

  • [Song]: ♪ Everytime I look in the mirror

  • all I see, is the inner-warrior

  • staring back at me. ♪

  • Announcer: And who could forget this little gem?

  • Gumball: ElectroFAT

  • gets you fit while you watch TV.

  • Announcer: Or this very special number

  • Gumball: ♪ Life's about abandoning

  • dream after dream. ♪

  • Announcer: Pass the tissues

  • and then get your groove on!

  • And this is almost a song

  • Richard: I'm a ballerina!

  • I'm a ballerina!

  • I'm a ballerina!

  • Darwin: It's pretty awesome.

  • Announcer: Almost as awesome as this

  • Gumball: ♪ When life hands you lemons

  • you gotta make some lemonade. ♪

  • Nicole: Okay guys. As impressive as all this is

  • let's not get carried away.

  • Announcer: Too late for that.

  • Because, all this and more is on

  • The Amazing World of Gumball.

  • New episodes, Mondays, at seven-thirty / six-thirty Central

  • on Cartoon Network.

  • Miss Simian: Now for some real music.

Announcer: Ah...


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口香糖球的奇妙世界》以其... (The Amazing World of Gumball is known for its...)

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