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  • Welcome to HNN,

  • the Hess News Network,

  • with your hosts Shaun and Fiona.

  • Hello and welcome. Our top story today is

  • A big typhoon is about to hit Taiwan.

  • The weather in Taipei is a little cloudy,

  • but other places in Taiwan may not be so lucky.

  • Shaun, you come to Taiwan for many years.

  • Do you like the weather in Taiwan?

  • Yeah, the weather in Taiwan is really great. It’s nice. It’s warm and sunny.

  • It’s like spring all year around.

  • For most of the time, Taiwan is sunny,

  • but if Typhoon hits Taiwan, it would be a nightmare.

  • Yeah, let us get back to the topic.

  • So how’s the weather around the world, Fiona?

  • Thanks, Shaun.

  • Let’s take a look at the weather in different countries around the world.

  • First, we go live to Jim in Hualien where a Typhoon is about to hit Taiwan.

  • Jim, how’s the weather today?

  • Well, it’s very

  • windy…..

  • Oh, dear, I hope he is OK.

  • Let’s go to Bob in England.

  • Bob, how’s the weather in England?

  • Well, Fiona, it’s raining

  • again….

  • Poor Bob!

  • Let’s have a look at Sam in Sydney, Australia.

  • Sam, how’s the weather there?

  • Well, Fiona, it’s a lovely sunny day here.

  • Thanks, Sam.

  • OK, let’s have a look at the weather in Greenland.

  • We go live to our reporter there, Jeff.

  • Jeff, how’s the weather there?

  • Well, it’s…very

  • cold….

  • Can I come back to Taiwan, please?

  • What’s that, Jeff?

  • Youre breaking up there, Jeff ,

  • Jeff!

  • Well

  • The weather around the world is very different.

  • Right now, in Australia, it’s hot and sunny

  • and far away in Greenland it’s very cold.

  • That’s right, Fiona.

  • In one place in the world, it could be summer,

  • but in the same time in another place, it’s winter.

  • Yes, but thankfully,

  • we are here in our nice comfortable Taiwan.

  • Yeah, that’s right.

  • We really like it here.

  • We just want to say thanks to all of our reporters today for their help

  • and wish them a safe journey back to Taiwan.

  • Let’s review the world’s weather.

  • Thanks for watching today and remember,

  • don’t go out in a typhoon!

  • That’s all from Hess News Network.

  • Good-bye!

Welcome to HNN,


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