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  • -Today we're talking about Christmas! -Ho ho ho! Let's talk about that vid!

    -今天要來談談聖誕節!-Ho ho ho! 我們來聊聊吧

  • Merry Christmas! -You're watching VidTalk on VoiceTube TV. I'm JR. -I'm Ray.

    聖誕快樂!-你正在收看 VoiceTube TV 的 VidTalk,我是 JR -我是 Ray

  • And apparently you're stuck with us here on Christmas eve because you don't know where to go! You weren't invited to a Christmas eve party! Weren't you?


  • Just like us. But it's a privilege for us to be here with you guys, to have you.


  • -And Christmas. This is a cultural phenomenon, this is a beloved holiday. -All around the world. -That's right, especially in the United States.

    -聖誕節的文化是一個很討喜的節日 -全世界都是 -沒錯,尤其是在美國

  • This is a time for family to be reunited, for hearts to be melted, for presents to be given.


  • -Why are you getting so sentimental? -It's just Christmas! It's the Christmas season.


  • It's sort of like our Chinese New Year when people gather round. And they have two weeks of vacation.


  • Yeah, very long vacation.


  • So it's kinda fun during Christmas time. When we were kids in the United States, I grew up in Massachusetts.


  • We would have Santa Claus actually coming into our community. And he would come in a police car.


  • There would be rangers, those police officers on horseback. They would escort santa to our community, who would give out candy.


  • -Those candy canes? -Those red and white candy canes.


  • And there are presents, candies, so we'd always love santa, but we always knew that it was somebody pretending to be santa.


  • We didn't really fall for the santa thing.


  • But then in Taiwan we don't really celebrate as much, we don't have a holiday on Christmas.


  • That's true. It's getting weaker and weaker I think now, we used to have vacation. It was called Constitution Day.


  • -But we haven't had that for years. -Yeah we got rid of that. -Christmas is getting boring here in Taiwan.

    -但也好幾年沒有了 -對呀,沒了 -聖誕節在台灣越來越無聊了

  • But we definitely retained the commercial part of Christmas. Everywhere you go, you see discounts, sales. It's Christmas, you gotta buy something.


  • That's how the Christmas spirit lives on here in Taiwan. That is crazy.


  • But anyways here today on the show, we do have some fun facts about Christmas, because you probably don't know as much as you need to know about Christmas.


  • To leave out all the sales and discounts, this is some real facts about Christmas and this is a game called Fact or Fake.

    撇除特賣和特價,這是一些真的和聖誕節有關的事情,而這個遊戲叫做 Fact or Fake

  • It's time for our Fact or Fake challenge and today I'm challenging Ray again to the game. Last week we were tied with the Star Wars game.

    又來到我們今天 Fact or Fake 的單元了!而我又再次挑戰 Ray 了。上週我們在星際大戰的遊戲裡打成平手

  • That was a close one by the way.


  • But today's Christmas (eve), and with the love of God, I just might win.


  • So here it goes! I got five questions about Christmas, Christmas trivia. It's very meaningful actually, well I think so.


  • -We'll see about that. -Yeah let's see how much you know about Christmas. You can play along with us too, watching this video.

    -說來聽聽 -好的,讓我來瞧瞧你有多瞭解聖誕節。大家也可以一起看著影片完喔

  • So here it goes, question number one. Now you know the abbreviation for Christmas right?


  • X and then a mas? Well it's still pronounced Christmas though. A lot of people say X'mas, that's not true. It's Christmas.

    X 然後再一個 mas?他還是唸 Christmas ,但很多人會唸 X'mas,那是錯的。這是要唸 Christmas

  • But the letter X in Christmas was used since the mid 1500s to wash out Christ in the religious meaning to Christmas.

    X 用在 Christmas 裡是從十六世紀中開始的,為了把耶穌基督這個宗教性的意味移除

  • It's just that we don't know nowadays.


  • To wash out Christ? I know mas that means the birth of. So Christmas that's the birth of Christ basically.

    移除耶穌基督?我知道 mas 的意思是出生,所以聖誕節就是耶穌基督的生日

  • -But what was the time period? -Around the 1500s. -Around the 1500s, I think people were still pretty devout in the 1500s.

    -那是什麼時候啊?-大概十六世紀左右 -十六世紀的時候,我認為那時的人們還對耶穌基督很忠誠

  • -Why would they wanna wash out Christ? I'm gonna go with fake on this one. Yeah. -Not gonna change? Really? -Yup. Fake.

    -他們為什麼要移除耶穌基督?這提我猜 fake -不換答案嗎?真的?-不換

  • Ooh! I hate it when that happens. You're right. X is a greek word, a greek vocabulary.

    歐!真討厭,你對了。X 是一個希臘單字

  • And it stands for Christos, which is Christ. It's just abbreviation for Christ.

    他的意思是 Christos,就是耶穌基督的縮寫

  • So that's basically the same thing.


  • And mas as you said is birth. The birth of Christ. So X'mas is pronounced "Christmas". Yeah it is a fake.

    而 mas 就像你說的是出生的意思,所以 X'mas 是發 Christmas 的音,所以是錯的

  • Okay question number two. According to the Guinness World Records, the tallest Christmas tree ever cut was a 221 foot,


  • which is around sixty seven meters, Douglas fir that was displayed in 1950.


  • -Wait, six point seven meters? -No, sixty seven. -Sixty seven meters! I thought you said six point seven meters. That's how many stories high?

    -等等,6.7米?-不,是67 -67米!我以為你說6.7米,這樣有幾層樓高啊

  • -That's incredibly high. -That is really high. -And it's displayed when? When was it displayed? -It was displayed in 1950.

    -超高的 -真的很高 -什麼時候出現的?-1950年展示的

  • 1950, okay. You gave me a lot of details including like the species of the tree, the height, so I would think to this amount of detail.


  • It would be true. But then, I think you would like, tweak the numbers so that it's fake. Because it sounds so true.


  • -You always think of me as evil. -Because it sounds so true, I'm gonna say this is fake.

    -你真的把我想得很邪惡 -因為聽起來太像真的了,我要說這是假的

  • And I think, I think it's 100% fake. Judging by the characteristics and personality of my beloved partner right here.


  • This is definitely fake.


  • Well I gotta tell you, you've got me totally wrong! It's true!


  • -What! -Why would you think of me that way? I'm an honest person.


  • -No he's not. -Yeah, yes I am. -That is the first time he... -This is what we say in Chinese "聰明反被聰明誤"

    -你才不是 -我是 -這是你第一次... -中文裡有一句俗語 No one is wise enough to advise himself

  • Okay, whatever. So this is true?


  • So it is true. It was displayed at the North Gate Shopping Center in Seattle, Washington.


  • -Yes it's 221 feet tall. That's a big Christmas tree. -Yeah that is really big. I would love to climb that.

    -221英尺高,真的是一個很大的聖誕樹 -對呀,真的就那麼大。我好想爬它喔

  • -And fall to your death? -To die on Christmas? It's worth it.


  • Alright question number three. Currently it's tied one to one. Question number three.


  • -The traditional three colors of Christmas are green, red, and... -Gold.

    -聖誕節傳統的三個顏色是綠色、紅色和... -金色

  • Okay, you're right, the three colors. But that's not the question. Green is the symbol for peace, red is the symbol for love, and gold is the symbol for eternity.


  • This is hard. Isn't red for the blood of Christ? Well you could argue that the blood of Christ equals to love.


  • Green is peace. I'm pretty sure green is peace. Gold... for eternity. Not sure about that one...


  • I'm gonna go... I think I'm going to stick to a theme here. Last time I went with all trues. This time I'm gonna go with all fakes.


  • Yeah this is fake, for some reason that is unknown to me.


  • You're gonna leave this to probability. To chance?


  • -So the answer is... -Fake! -You're right! -Yes! I think this is a good strategy. Sticking to one plan.

    -答案是... -假的!-你答對了!-太棒了,這真是一個好主意,就根據規律了

  • -So what is it, what are the three colors? -Okay so the three colors stand for green is actually a symbol of life and rebirth.


  • -Oh so it's not peace? I thought it was the olive branch that the pigeon carries. -No it's life and rebirth.


  • Red symbolizes, yes, the blood of Christ. And gold represents light as well as wealth and royalty.


  • -Okay that makes sense. -So you got that right.

    -聽起來滿對的 -所以這題你答對了

  • You twisted all three. So this is... you can't get more fake than this. Every one of them is wrong.


  • Yeah, every one of them is wrong. It would be too tricky if I just changed one, you would complain to me.


  • -Okay yeah, that is true. -You would be a whiner.

    -的確是這樣 -你會在那邊發牢騷

  • -Good I got two now. -Two against one. -Confidence, confidence. -Erase it erase it. -Stop.

    -我現在答對兩題了 -二比一 -自信、自信 -消除消除你的自信 -停

  • Alright question number four, my turn I'm choking on my own saliva.


  • Okay question number four, according to data, which is analyzed by Facebook.

    第四題:根據 Facebook 的數據分析

  • Two weeks before Christmas is one of the two most popular times for couples to break up.


  • -Drawing from my own experience. -True? -I think this is true. -Really? -I think this is true?

    -根據我自己的經驗 -是真的嗎?-我覺得是真的 -真的?-我覺得是對的吧?

  • -That really happened to you? -No not to me personally. -You said according to your experience. -I should not have said that.

    -真的發生在你身上?-不是我啦 -但你說是根據你的經驗 -我不應該說的

  • -But I think that is true. -Why, what's your logic behind this.

    -但我覺得是對的 -為什麼?這背後有什麼邏輯阿

  • Some friends of my friends of my friend, that happened to them.


  • -But wouldn't that be cruel? Like it's Christmas time and you break up two weeks before that? -But maybe people see other options.


  • -The essence of people are cruel. -I think it's true.


  • -You said you're gonna go with all fake. -Yeah but with this one, I have a hunch that this is true. Because drawing from my friend's friend's friend's experience.

    -可是你說你要全部都猜是假的 -對,但這個,我覺得這題是真的,根據我朋友的朋友的朋友的經驗

  • I would say that it is true. Not my own experience, my friend's friend's friend. Yup.


  • -You down with this answer? -Yes. -I wanna leave.

    -確定答案了?-確定 -我想走了

  • -Oh! You lost! You lost already. I'm right! -It is true!


  • Couples do tend to break up two weeks before Christmas. However, on Christmas day, this is the day that the least couples break up. On Christmas day itself.


  • And also I think there's a logic behind this. Two weeks before, so this is the time where you'll be distant... you'll be really far away from each other


  • because you'll be going back home. So you'll want to break it off before that.


  • Hey, let's break up before Christmas, just suck it up. You've got two weeks.


  • Okay, even though it's cruel. It's true. And that's a cruel fact for me too cause I lost the game.


  • -Well we didn't say that we're gonna have a punishment. -It's Christmas right? No punishments.

    -我們好像沒有說要懲罰吧 -是聖誕節耶!不用懲罰

  • -Let's just be merciful. I'm a merciful lord. -That's blasphemy!

    -我們就仁慈一下吧,我是個慈悲的上帝 -你這是在褻瀆上帝吧

  • Alright we're just kidding, let's go to the video for today. And after that we've got your challenge of the week.


  • This is a very interesting video, because we've just talked about Santa Claus, we know that they are not really real.


  • But these are grown-up adults, and they still believe the existence of Santa.


  • So let's hear what these crazy people have to say about Santa.


  • It's kind of awkward.


  • I'm twenty seven years old.


  • I'm twenty five years old.


  • I'm thirty years old, and I still believe in Santa.


  • The one thing that proved it beyond a doubt for me there was...


  • I live just but with a lot of snow, have a very big yard and I remember one Christmas we woke up, and I don't know why we went outside.


  • We had to go outside for something, and in the middle of my yard was a giant slay track and in front of that was reindeer hoof prints.


  • and like three feet away from any directions whatsoever so you had to like fly into the middle of the air.


  • The only explanation's flying into the middle of my yard, and landing.


  • Obviously we would do the mall. Santa Claus would go, and we would tell Santa what we wanted for Christmas.


  • And there's one time when Santa called my dad by name. And he said "Chris, good to see ya!"


  • And we were all like "Dad! how did he... how did he know your name?" He was like "The magic of Christmas!" He remembers.


  • So that was a really interesting video, it kind of convinced me that Santa is kinda real? Maybe?


  • I think they're daydreaming, definitely daydreaming. Or they're high.


  • So we want to challenge you with one sentence, one phrase and today the sentence is:


  • The one thing that proved it beyond a doubt for me.


  • So here this guy he's talking about how he is sure Santa exists.


  • Like the reindeers landed in his front yard, with foot prints and all that.


  • So we're looking at "beyond a doubt" here. JR, what does that mean, "beyond a doubt".

    JR,"beyond a doubt"是什麼意思

  • Beyond a doubt, simply said is 無庸置疑

    Beyond a doubt 是無庸置疑的意思

  • That is right. That's a good saying in Chinese. But what is "a doubt"?

    沒錯,中文就是這麼說的。但什麼事"a doubt"

  • Adele is a singer who just released the single called "Hello".

    Adele 是一個剛出新單曲「Hello」的歌手

  • No! Not Adele! A "doubt"! Doubt doubt doubt.

    不是!不是 Adele!A "doubt"!是疑惑!

  • -A doubt is 疑慮 疑惑. -Right.

    -A doubt is 疑律、疑惑 -沒錯

  • So beyond a doubt that means we're going beyond it, we're looking past it. So we don't have any doubt.


  • That means beyond a doubt. So make a sentence with beyond a doubt.

    這就是 beyond a doubt 的意思,所以請用 beyond a doubt 來造具吧

  • Okay let me give you an example right here. You can say "Beyond a doubt, VidTalk is my favorite show.

    讓我舉個例子,你可以說「VidTalk 無用至疑地是我最喜愛的節目」

  • You cannot make this sentence because I made it. I called it first. Make something else.


  • So make a sentence, leave it in the comment sections below and you might see it in our next episode.


  • -That is correct, and... -That is a wrap for VidTalk today.

    -沒錯!-今天的 VidTalk 就到此為止了

  • Hey I got a special announcement for everybody. It's Christmas time, at the end of the year we do something special.


  • And that something special is: It's the end of the season.

    特別的事情就是:這季的 VidTalk 結束了

  • Yeah, so we've always planned VidTalk to be in seasons. So every season would comprise of ten episodes.

    VidTalk 是會一季一季地播出,每一季都有十集

  • -And this is actually the tenth episode of VidTalk. -Surprise.

    -這是 VidTalk 的第十集了!-驚喜

  • So before we plunge into the second season we would really like to hear from you guys. Your feedback, your suggestions, your comments, what do you think of the show.


  • So if you have anything to say to us, please email this following address.


  • Whether if it's to JR, to me, or to the VoiceTube team, we would like to hear from you and make it a better show for you guys before we start season two.

    不管是要給JR、我還是 VoiceTube 團隊,我們都很想在第二季開始前聽聽你們的意見

  • So it has been a great run with you guys for these ten episodes. Always having you commenting and sharing fun stuff with us.


  • We had a blast. We had a good time, so unfortunately we're gonna take a wrap right now, because we are going on our Christmas break,


  • which is a good thing for us, cause we're gonna be all energized and refreshed when we come back.


  • And when we do come back, we do expect you to be here as usual.


  • -Once again it's me JR, -I'm Ray. -And we'll talk to you next season.

    -我是 JR -我是 Ray -我們下次見囉

-Today we're talking about Christmas! -Ho ho ho! Let's talk about that vid!

-今天要來談談聖誕節!-Ho ho ho! 我們來聊聊吧

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