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  • Stop being this high school dropout, stop giving up, stop sleeping on the streets, stop walking up and down

  • and get your GED. Stop being afraid to take a test..

  • Stop being afraid to go to class because your daddy didn't go and your momma didn't go.

  • I don't do well in math - You are right. You have never studied.

  • I am not good at writing - Because you have never written before..

  • You can't get to a writing class and you got resource after resource

  • The problem is you have never felt no pain before. You are soft..

  • It's a soft generation.. you quit on everything.

  • You have to give everything you got.. No more tv, no more partying, no more playing if you have a 4.0 what you need to be doing is studying.

  • You are a sophomore.. You are like E. I am just a sophomore. I am just a freshman,like I got time to put it in another year.. But you don't realize this...

  • That the opportunity that you need is in your sophomore year

  • it's not in your senior year..

  • Listen to me..You running out of time!

  • The next time you give a low effort, right? You give a 70% or a 50 %

  • or 30 % I want you to think about what you are thinking about when your effort is low.

  • And you are probably thinking

  • I got to versus I get to.

  • Listen to me.. if your effort is low you are probably not thinking about the opportunity

  • you are probably thinking about the obligation

  • Because success is alergic to average.. Are you hearing what I am telling you?

  • Success and average have nothing to do with each other.

  • So you can't say you wanna be successful..

  • You can't say there are certain dreams and goals, that things you want to have, and things you want to be

  • if you are still average! You've got to get to the point where you get allergic to average. You don't think average

  • You don't perform average.. Success and average has absolutely nothing to do with each other. This is what I am telling you

  • Your teacher can't stand average. Nobody really likes average.

  • And a problem with a lot of you is you are not allergic to average, alright?

  • You gotta do me a huge favour, man you lying to yourself..

  • At one point you say you wanna be great, you wanna do great things, you want to have greatness, you want to be great!

  • Listen to me.. But on the other hand for real you comfortable with average..

  • You can't be average any longer, why? Because average attracts average.

  • I am telling you to be great, because when you are great you attract great..

  • When you are average you attract average..

  • So I need you to do me a favor.. I need you to get of average, right?

  • I need you to get off average.. You ain't got to rely on nobody to get off average but you.

  • I don't care what nobody else in your family is doing

  • I don't care what your teacher is doing. I dont' care what's going on in your school.

  • What kind of school you have, what kind of job you have..

  • Just because the people are average around you don't mean that you've got be average.

  • You either here or you there.. There is no middleground. So what I am telling you is that you can't count the cost

  • when you want something bad you can't count the cost.

  • Because if you count the cost and you see how much it cost you might quit, you might give up.

  • So you've got to go in knowing that I don't count the cost.

  • I do as many push ups as it takes, as many sit ups as it takes, as many reps as it takes, I study as long as it takes.

  • I pay whatever the price is, why? Because if I start counting the cost I might quit, I might give up.

  • I might surrender. Don't count the cost. You don't count the cost on this one.

  • You don't count on this one...... you don't count the cost on this one..

  • You just do what you've got to do on this one.

  • And then you look back when it's all over and you see the reward..

  • You look back and you see the accomplishment. You don't count it.

  • You just look back and you see that you succeeded.

  • Everybody got a dream. Everybody got a goal. What's the gap?

  • If everybody got one. If everybody wake up in the beggining of the year, saying: - This is their year

  • Then why is some people's year and not other people's year.

  • You know why? I've said it before it has nothing to do with your dreams and goals.

  • Everybody got a dream. Everybody got a goal.

  • The question is: when you wake up in the morning what effort are you putting forth?

  • Everybody with a dream and goal ain't giving 120%.

  • And some people might be giving on Monday, but they're not giving it on Tuesday.

  • And some people giving it a... Listen to me...

  • a 120 %, seven days a wekk, 365 days.

  • I want you to work on your mind.

  • For real .. Education is the most important thing in your life.. I didn't say degrees.

  • I am not just talking about going to school and getting a degree..

  • I am talking about getting knowledge.. Knowledge is power!

  • Information changes situation.

  • If you enjoy my videos you can join me on

Stop being this high school dropout, stop giving up, stop sleeping on the streets, stop walking up and down


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最好的學生勵志視頻--不要計較成本。 (Best Motivational Video For Students - Don't Count The Cost)

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