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  • Hey, I'm Keri Glassman here with some quick and simple tips to help you feel just a little

  • bit better. This is our 100th episode of A Little Bit Better. I hope you've enjoyed it

  • and learned a whole lot along the way. Today, as a way to further explore the philosophy

  • that this series is based on, I'm going to review my eight pillars of a nutritious life.

  • Drink Up: It's no secret that staying hydrated is one of the things I emphasize most, and

  • with good reason. Proper hydration allows our bodies to function optimally. Eat Empowered:

  • Nutrient-rich, clean foods benefit your body in too many ways to count. We don't focus

  • on what you can't eat, we celebrate the foods you can eat. Exercise Steady: No surprise

  • here. Staying active keeps you fit, helps you sleep, and ensures you have the energy

  • you need to power through the day. Pamper Thyself: Simple, small indulgences can affect

  • your attitude and outlook in huge ways. Don't forget to take care of yourself mentally as

  • well as physically -- go get a massage. Sex Ed: There's a link between libido and health

  • issues such as weight, and the emotional and mental benefits are immeasurable when it comes

  • to being intimate with your partner. Sleep Deep: A good night's sleep leads to more energy,

  • better decision-making, and a happier you (I have a tough time with that one). Stress

  • Less: Stress is that sneaky little devil that can derail all of your good planning and self-discipline.

  • Manage your stress, and you'll find everything else falling into place much more easily.

  • Your World: I feel that you can't be a truly well rounded, healthy person if all your focus

  • is within. Take some time in your busy life to turn your attention to improving your surroundings.

  • I've given you a lot to consider over the course of 100 episodes. It might seem daunting,

  • but you don't need to do it all to see results. If even one of these tips becomes a habit

  • for you, I'll have accomplished my goal of helping you feel just a little bit better.

  • Thank you so much for watching.

Hey, I'm Keri Glassman here with some quick and simple tips to help you feel just a little


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營養生活的8大支柱|與凱瑞-格拉斯曼一起,讓生活更美好。 (8 Pillars of a Nutritious Life | A Little Bit Better With Keri Glassman)

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