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  • -Today we're talking about the newest Star Wars movie. -May the force be with you. Let's talk about that vid.

    -今天談論的主題是星際大戰的新電影 -願原力與你同在。我們來聊聊吧

  • -Hey you're watching VidTalk on VoiceTube TV. I'm JR, -I'm Ray.

    -你正在收看 VoiceTube TV 的 VidTalk,我是 JR -我是 Ray

  • And the reason you're here watching VidTalk tonight is because you didn't get tickets for the latest Star Wars movie didn't you?

    而你現在正在看今晚的 VidTalk 大概是因為你沒有星際大戰的電影票吧

  • -Which premiers tonight. -That is right. And the only reason why we're here is because we have to do this show, reluctantly.

    -今天晚上首映 -沒錯,而我們在這裡的是因為要做節目,很不得已的

  • Just kidding we love to be with you guys.


  • -The newest movie it's called, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. -Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


  • But before we go into that let me lay out some of the foundation for you because Star Wars, it is a huge franchise.


  • Right now we have two trilogies, that means namely six episodes.


  • And all the stories start a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.


  • That is the classic opening line.


  • Right so this series, it's kinda like a sci-fi futuristic concept where we have the good and the evil being the Jedi and the Sith.


  • And all the story revolves around one main character called Anakin Skywalker who was raised to be a hero, raised to be a Jedi.


  • But then fell and became a Sith, namely the famous Darth Vader.


  • -I find your lack of faith disturbing. -Yeah that's one of his classic lines.

    -你缺乏信念使我相當不悅 -這是他經典的台詞

  • And this is one of his classic moves. The death choke.


  • Oh I enjoyed that.


  • I find your lack of faith disturbing.


  • So this new episode and it's a sequel. It picks up 30 years after Darth Vader was defeated and what's interesting...


  • -Hey it's time to wake up. You can revive now. You actually fell asleep. -No I did not. -Yes you did. You fell asleep at work. I'm gonna tell our boss!

    -快起來,你可以復活了。你還真的睡了?-我才沒有 -你有!我要跟老闆說

  • What's fun about this instalment is, they're bringing back the original cast.


  • And you probably know by now, they've brought back Harrison Ford who's playing Han Solo.


  • And you also get to see Chewbacca in the trailer. You don't see a trace of him aging at all.


  • -How do Wookies age anyways? -They lose hair? -They get bald spots? That's interesting.


  • We don't know. We don't get to see it in the trailer. You'll have to find out yourself.


  • They've also brought back Princess Leia, who's played by Carrie Fisher in 1977.


  • Also Mark Hamill who played Luke Skywalker, they're all back in this instalment.


  • Which is really exciting and what's interesting is, in the story, they're actually supposed to be 30 years older.


  • -But that's also in real life, true. -In real life it's true cos the first Star Wars movie, A New Hope was filmed in 1977, so they're actually thirty years older.


  • They can save some budget in the aging make up department, it's their actual age. They're actually that old.


  • You can definitely see Harrison Ford getting a little bit up there.


  • But anyways in this new instalment they've also got a new actress. It's a girl this time. And her name is Rey.

    不過在這集裡面也有新的女演員,她做叫 Rey

  • -Ray? I'm a boy. -No, I wouldn't picture you with a lightsaber.

    -Ray? 我是男生唉 -不是,我也無法把你和光劍聯想在一起

  • So it is a girl, her name is Rey and it is spelled Rey instead of your Ray.

    所以她是一個叫 Rey 的女生(不是 Ray)

  • So Rey she is a female human scavenger, her parents are unknown, she was left on a junkyard planet when she was really young,

    Rey 是人類,會交易自己蒐集的東西。她在很小的時候被拋棄在一個垃圾星球,父母不詳

  • and all we know is this, in this new movie she is going to be the leading character


  • and she is going to somehow bring the balance to the good and evil, the force.


  • So is she like a Jedi? Cos we don't get to see it in the trailer.


  • Right, we don't see her wielding a lightsaber, but all we know is this: some things are bound to go down around her.


  • You probably need to get tickets to find out yourself.


  • And there's a new villain in this episode too. You get to see it in the trailer, it's this villain looking at what seems to be


  • the remains of Darth Vader's mask, and he says "I will finish what you started".


  • -Oh the dark side is coming back. -The dark side is back!

    -黑暗又降臨了 -壞人回來了

  • -No, it's not working this time. -I've lost it! Dang. Anyways.

    -沒用了 -唉!算了

  • Let's just refresh your memory of the original trilogy, way back in time, and we're gonna play a little game right here called Fact or Fake.

    我們來玩一個小遊戲,Fact or Fake,來喚醒你對星際大戰沈睡已久的記憶

  • I wanna challenge Ray to this too, so let's do this. Fact or Fake.

    我也要挑戰 Ray,那我們就開始吧。Fact or Fake

  • Okay welcome to our little part of the show, which is called Fact or Fake, I'm gonna challenge Ray with a series of questions on Star Wars.

    歡迎來到我們 Fact or Fake 的單元,我會用一系列跟星際大戰有關的問題來挑戰 Ray

  • And if you're a diehard fan of Star Wars, I doubt you're gonna get these questions right. Cos this is really hard!


  • -It's really tricky? -Anyways, it's always fifty fifty right? -Right so I'm just gonna go with chance. -Either right or wrong.


  • Okay so here it goes, I've got five questions and you can play along too, if you win, we don't have a prize for you.

    要開始囉,一共有五個問題,你們也可以一起玩。如果你贏的話... 我們也沒有獎品給你

  • -Alright question number one, are you ready for this. -Yup.


  • Do you know the movie E.T.? Extraterrestrial? You probably know that movie too.

    你知道 E.T. 這部電影嗎?星球外的生物?你們應該也知道

  • E.T.'s alien species were shown in parts of the Star Wars movies.

    E.T. 有在星際大戰裡面出現過

  • -Like in a cameo? -Yeah like a cameo.


  • Do you have any other information, like which episode, how many times did he appear.


  • Well of course, it's a cameo so it's not much, not many times, but I'm not gonna tell you.


  • -There's a lot of different extraterrestrial species in Star Wars. -Yeah there's the Wookies, there's all kinds of alien species.

    -星際大戰有很多外星人耶 -對啊有武技族,很多不同種族

  • -I don't know, true? -True? -Yeah I guess. -You sure? Don't wanna change your answer?

    -我不知道,事實? -確定? -應該吧 -你確定?不用換答案?

  • -Yeah true, whatever. -The force is strong in this one. You got it right!

    -嗯,隨便啦 -你的原力很強,你對了!

  • -It's really inside... -E.T. actually did appear in Star Wars. They made a cameo, it's actually in Episode one, The Phantom Menace.

    -真的有出現... -E.T.真的有客串演出,是在第一集

  • And their species actually has a name, they're called Asogians.

    他們的種族還有一個名字叫做 Asogians

  • -That's a fun fact. -Yeah that's a really fun fact.

    -有趣的知識 -嗯有趣的知識

  • Dang you got that right, so one point for Ray. Dang I hate that. It's okay we got four more to go, still has a long journey ahead.

    你答對了,Ray 得一分,沒關係我們還有四題,還很長的路要走

  • Question number two, you know Chewbacca, Han Solo's friend, hairy.


  • Chewbacca's voice was voiced by Seth Rogan.


  • -Who's Seth Rogan? -The Green Hornet star.

    -塞斯·羅根是? -有演青蜂俠

  • -Oh, Seth Rogan. -He played with Jay Chou. Green Hornet? What is that again? -The Green Hornet.

    -喔塞斯·羅根 -他跟周杰倫一起主演,綠蜂俠? -青蜂俠

  • -But I thought Chewbacca's voice was like a mumbled like bwrbwrbwr. -Erghrghrghrgh. Is that how you do it?

    -我以為楚霸客的聲音是惡惡惡 -惡啊啊啊,是這樣嗎

  • And it's voiced by Seth Rogan? Would they have Seth Rogan voice such a insignificant, well he's not insignificant but...


  • -No Chewbacca is really a very important character. -It's a vital role but... I don't know, true?

    -楚霸客很重要耶,這個角色 -是重要不過... 我不知道,事實?

  • -Sounds realistic to me. -Seth Rogan can do the Erghrghrghrgh, okay. -I have no idea, true!

    -聽起來蠻真實的 -他來配惡惡啊啊的聲音 -我不知道,事實!

  • -You don't wanna change your answer? The answer is, wrong! -Oh, it's fake.

    -不用改答案?答案是錯的! -是假的

  • -Who is it? -I made that up. I feel so proud now. -I don't know I have no idea.

    -所以是誰? -我捏造的,我現在好驕傲 -我不知道

  • Here's the fact: Chewbacca's voice is a mix of bears, walruses, lions, badgers, and other dying animals.


  • -Dying animals? -So actually Chewbacca is dying. -Every time he speaks, he's dying.

    -瀕死動物? -所以他其實快死了 -每次發出聲音都是快死了

  • -Dying animals, that's kind of weird! -How would they record it too! Did they have to kill one and then record their voice?

    -瀕死動物,有點怪! -他們是怎麼錄到的?他們要實際殺掉一隻動物嗎?

  • -Kill a walrus, wargharghargh. -That is a mystery. -That's actually funny.

    -殺一隻海象,惡惡啊啊 -我們永遠不會知道 -其實蠻好笑的

  • -So one for me one for JR. -Yeah!

    -我一分,JR 一分 -耶

  • Question number three. This is about Master Yoda. The force is strong in this one.


  • -Yoda was originally set to be played by a monkey. -A monkey? Wait set to be played. So is it actually a monkey in the film?

    -尤達原本要由猴子來演 -猴子?原本,所以片子里的不是猴子?

  • No he was originally set to be played by a monkey but in the end they forsook that plan.


  • But the monkey's stature would be around Yoda' stature, and he did make some jumbly fumbly moves in the movie.


  • -Sure about this one, I am not. That's the way Yoda speaks right? -Sure about this one, I am not.

    -對這題確定,我不是。尤達都這樣講話對吧? -對這題確定。我不是

  • Whatever, fact. I'm just gonna go with fact for every single question because I have no idea.


  • How about you guys? Fact or fake? Monkey playing Yoda. Wouldn't that be blasphemy?


  • We're not even sure what Yoda is. What kind of species?


  • Right that is actually true, cos in the movie, they never mention about his species.


  • -Yeah what is he? -He may be the last one of his species. He's near extinct. -A deformed, mutated monkey.

    -所以他是什麼? -可能是種族的最後僅存,他是瀕臨絕種 -一個扭曲變種的猴子

  • -Well the answer is right! -Oh nice! -No!

    -這答案是對的! -喔太好了 -不!

  • In fact, George Lucas originally planned for Yoda to be played by an adorable monkey.


  • -Apparently monkeys are too hard to control, so... -Yeah technical difficulties made him...

    -不過顯然的,猴子太無法控制了所以... -技術上的問題

  • And he had to do those lightsaber fighting scenes, how would he do that?


  • -Give him a banana for it instead of a lightsaber. -(monkey noises).

    -給他個香蕉代替 -(猴子聲音)

  • -It is a fact! -Yeah two for me! -Two for you we got two more questions to go. I still have a chance of reversing this.

    -這是事實!-我得兩分 -你得兩分還有兩題,我還有機會

  • Hopefully, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. God bless me.


  • Question number four. While filming lightsaber fight scenes. Ewin McGregor, who played Obiwan Kenobi in his early ages.


  • -He would get so carried away making his own sound of the lightsaber. -Fact! That sounds so true.

    -他會太任意自己發出光劍的聲音 -事實!這聽起來就是事實

  • Well hear out the question though, it sounded so realistic that they actually had him do the special effect afterwards and mixed it up for production.


  • That is hilarious. Wait hold on, wouldn't his lips show if he's doing the lightsaber scenes and his lips are synced with the sound,


  • -Wouldn't it be weird? -Yeah, but that's what it says here so, fact or fake?

    -不會很怪嗎? -可能吧,不過這裡是這樣說的,事實還是瞎掰?

  • -They would ask him to come into the studio to do those special... -But that's post production.

    -他們請他來工作室... -不過那是後製

  • -I'm gonna stick with my plan today, just fact. -You're gonna go with all fact? -Just fact yeah.

    -我要按照計劃行事,事實 -你全部都要說是事實啊 -對,都是事實

  • -But it does sound true to you right? -That sounds true to me yeah.

    -不過聽起來還蠻真實的吧? -對啊還蠻不錯的

  • But it's fake. Yeah!


  • -You're really good at coming up with these really realistic... -(singing) -It's now 2 to 2 tied.

    -你很會編造故事耶 -(唱歌)現在又二比二平手了

  • So the truth is, it's actually based on a truth, I just twisted it. The truth is he would really get so carried away making those sound effects.


  • So the production team would have to take it off, they had to cut it out. Every time.


  • -Wouldn't his lips show though? -I don't know how he does it. -He should have like a stern face when he's fighting.

    -他的嘴巴不會露餡? -我不知道是怎麼做到的 -因為要打鬥不是要很嚴肅的臉?

  • -Really subtle, like holding it back. -I can picture the production team "Damn you Ewin! Stop making those noises!"

    -很不明顯,很拘束的 -我可以想像製作團隊說「他X的,不要再亂發出聲音了辣」

  • They had to cut out a lot of usable footage because his lips were showing. That is crazy.


  • -That's a fun trivia. -Yeah, fun trivia. -Yeah but I got you.

    -這個小知識蠻有趣的 -嗯很有趣 -我騙倒你了

  • -So it's 2 to 2! -That' s a very close game. Down to the last question. -So this is the final showdown. I'm gonna totally beat you in this last question.

    -所以二比二!我們競爭激烈,到了最後一題 -所以這個是最後的一戰

  • Cos this is really hard. Question number five. Yoda has three toes.


  • Yoda has three toes. That is a very interesting question, who would look at his toes? Who on earth...


  • But here is a good clue I just thought of. So we have matching fingers to toes, so we have five fingers and five toes.


  • I would think, I would assume that Yoda has matching toes to his fingers.


  • But you gotta consider the fact that we're humans, they're aliens.


  • That is true, but according to this logic, I remember Yoda having four fingers. Like this.


  • -May the force be with you. -So I'm gonna say... -The force is strong in this one.

    -願原力與你同在 -所以我覺得 -原力在你這裏很強

  • You said what three toes? I'm gonna say fact, this is not. -Fact this is not? -So fake!

    你說三根腳指頭?我會說事實,這不是 -事實這不是 -所以瞎掰!

  • -You sure. You don't wanna change your answer? -No I think he has four toes, matching his fingers.


  • -So the true answer is... do we need a punishment for this? -I don't know, let's hear the answer for this first and then decide.

    -所以答案是... 我們要有懲罰嗎? -我不知道,先聽答案我再決定

  • The answer is, depending on what movie you're watching, Yoda has different number of toes.


  • That is a trick question! What! I'm right though. I'm still right though!


  • -So he has four toes? -He had... well okay. The answer is, in the Phantom Menace, which is the first episode, Yoda had three toes.

    -所以他有四隻腳指頭? -他有... 好啦答案是,在第一集他有三根腳指頭

  • But in the original trilogy, in the Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, The Revenge of the Sith, he had four toes.


  • Okay but according to the ratio though, one to three right? He's more likely to be four-toed. It's more orthodox.


  • -It's like a mystery... -Let's just call it a tie. -Yeah let's just call it a tie. -No one gets punished.

    -比數是個謎... -我們就當作是平手 -好當作平手 -沒有人會受罰

  • -But if you lost to our game, punish yourself at home. -Send us a movie ticket. -Or a clip of your punishment.

    -不過如果你輸的話,自己在家受罰喔 -送我們電影票 -或者是把你自己受罰的影片給我們

  • -That's a fun game. -Okay anyways, that's a tie for today that was really fun. I stayed up all night coming up with these questions just to beat you.

    -這個遊戲蠻好玩的 -好的,今天是平手,我一整夜熬夜想題目耶

  • Anyways I hope you guys get to see the movie in the theaters, once again it's called "The Force Awakens".


  • And now it's time for our challenge of the week! Watch this clip, it's the trailer, and we'll come back with our challenge.


  • Who are you?


  • I'm no one.


  • I was raised to do one thing.


  • But I've got nothing to fight for.


  • Nothing will stand in our way.


  • I will finish what you started.


  • The dark side, the Jedi, they're real.


  • The force, it's calling to you.


  • Welcome to the Weekly Challenge section of VidTalk. Now we've shown you the trailer it's very exciting isn't it.

    歡迎來到 VidTalk 的每週挑戰,現在我們給你看過預告片了,超熱血的吧

  • -Oh it gets you all pumped up. -It's epic. And we are going to look at one particular sentence and have you make a sentence out of it.

    -對,讓人很興奮 -超精彩,現在我們要看一個句子,教你用法

  • And this phrase we're looking at today is: Nothing will stand in our way. I will finish what you started.


  • We're trying to look at the phrase "stand in someone's way" right here.

    我們要看的是 "stand in someone's way"

  • -So what does that mean JR? -Well it could go either physically or metaphorically.

    -所以這是什麼意思? -這可以是實際上或是比喻上的

  • So physically if someone is standing in your way, like a good dog shouldn't block people.