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  • BigSkyGod has boyfriend?

  • No

  • No boyfriend now

  • He is on the bottom line

  • Who?

  • Yasuo maybe

  • Where are they? Are they on the bottom line?

  • He is here

  • The Elise did not move

  • InstantKill

  • God Escape

  • Nice profit

  • I controlled the mid line

  • We dominate the bottom line too

  • Wanna teleport here?

  • Impulse is the devil

  • So much money

  • Killed!

  • Bad manner =_=

  • Have you ever seen strike from the sky?

  • This is the strike from the sky

  • I'm sorry. He can not detect from the sky with Burrow

  • He can only detect nearby on the ground

  • Alistar's God Escape

  • Time to eat the beaf

  • My spear is faster

  • Let MY dragon attack you

  • Almost killed by the dragon?

  • Are there someone tanks the dragon?

  • Crossblade from outside

  • Allies got massacred

  • God Escape II

  • Avoid been seen by enemy's minion by moving a little bit backward

  • Connect the dots

  • Connect the dots

  • Still connecting the dots, but allies are almost been killed

  • Time to strike back

  • MSE M1ssion's Penta Kill

BigSkyGod has boyfriend?


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B1 中級

天神系列#07 從天而降的掌法 Strike from The Sky (天神系列#07 從天而降的掌法 Strike from The Sky)

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