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  • Big

  • Big Sky

  • Big Sky God

  • Go back

  • Fly high

  • Don't know where Rengar is

  • What I have to do is to counter Rengar's gank

  • It hurts

  • I try to play...

  • Grave

  • Let me shoot him back

  • Looking at my gun

  • Could you kill him slower?

  • I almost arrive

  • Noooooooooooooooooooooo

  • What the Grave's damage

  • I think so

  • And why I played Pantheon T_T

  • Then my Grave lose many games

  • What the h*ll

  • I am proud of my AD

  • I would like to try that

  • try that...

  • Rammus jungle

  • Is it good?

  • What the speed!?

  • I am coming to save you. Don't be afraid

  • MSE M1ssion

  • You still have time to R?

  • I taunt him!

  • I escape, bye~

  • I watched PTT yesterday

  • then I saw someone said

  • he said that

  • How many female fans did Big Sky God play?

  • He didn't know that my female fans are only 10%

  • he would say

  • didn't know that how many MALE fans did Big Sky God play

  • That feels... logical



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A2 初級

天神系列#11 最後的大天神(之後變成大衰神) Last Big Sky God (天神系列#11 最後的大天神(之後變成大衰神) Last Big Sky God)

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